How The Personal Break System Works

After the Town Hall 11 Update (December 2015), the Personal Break System has changed a lot and I have received lots of questions about this. Don’t worry then, I will help you out!

Clash of Clans Take a Break

In Clash of Clans, you have 4 hours for playing until get forced onto a Personal Break (PB). During a 6-minute PB, you have to give other players a chance to attack your village.

  • When your village gets any shield, your PB Timer will be reset.
  • Staying offline without Shield and Village Guard for 15 minutes will reset your timer.
  • You can buy 2-hour Village Guard with 10 Gems to extend your PB timer.
  • The Village Guard is always considered your online time.


  • During the 6-minute PB, If you don’t get attacked or get attacked but don’t get any shield, you will have another 30 minutes of playing time along with the Village Guard.
  • After 30 minutes, you will be forced onto another 6-minute PB, during this period, If you don’t get any shield, you will receive another 30 minutes of playing time + Village Guard.
  • Again, after 30 minutes, you will be kicked for the third Personal Break but this is the last time. Regardless of If you get a shield or not, your PM timber will be reset and get a Village Guard depending on your current league.
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