How to farm 70k Dark Elixir per Hour

This guide will show you how to farm from 30k to 70k Dark Elixir per hour. This is quite elite guide for Town Hall 10 players. For lower level players, I strongly recommend you read the Farming Dark Elixir Tips.

By following these suggestions, the author of this guide (angeljcarbajal) maxed his Heroes from level 10 in just 6 months.

How to farm 70k Dark Elixir per Hour

Here are what he brings for farming:

  • Troops: All Archers.
  • CC troop: Golem.
  • Spells: All Lightening Spells.
  • Trophy Range: 3200++.
  • Boost all Barracks, Spells and Heroes.

At Town Hall 10, farming is the only want activity in game that you spend gem on. All you need know is farming as much as you can. I think we all want to spend gems to get 70k DE per hour!

What base you should attack?

Just search for all bases which have at least 2000 Dark Elixir and the Dark Elixir is in the second layer, you can use your Queen to hit the storage from outside. In this league, I have been finding a lot of bases with over 3000 Dark Elixir in the 2nd layer. The Archer Queen is really necessary for this strategy. If your Queen are being healed or upgraded, try to get one star and stop thinking about the Dark Elixir.

You also need to evaluate that you can get at least 50% from that base or not. If Wizards Towers and Mortars are all centralized, you can easily 1 star it. Don’t forget to ask your clanmates for Golem. You will need it to get 50% with some hard bases. Lightning Spells are for using when you can’t get 1 stars with even the Golem. The base will a lot of buildings outside it not always easy to hit. You need also look for hidden Teslas and Bombs too.

Always try to get 50% If you can. After dozens of attacks, you will get the 3300 trophies range. We can call this range is the safe zone, where you can find a lot of 4000-5000 Dark Elixir base and you can’t get 50% If drag your Archers. Just spend all your bases for the storage and you can get those trophies back later.

Always look for the Dark Elixir Drill and Clan Castle first. If they are empty but the base has 3000 Dark Elixir, it means DE is in the Drills.

Sometimes you can find some bases that look like inactive. If the Heroes are near the edge and they are still alive, it means that base is not inactive, maybe there are some traps around and you will be fail. Better click Next button.

With boosted Barracks, you can attack 10 times every hour. I always can find base with 3000-4000 Dark Elixir with just a few Next buttons.

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