How to play Clash of Clans – A Beginner’s Guide

This special guide is intended for new players, who are looking for a How to play Clash of Clans guide. In this very basic guide, I am going to give you the most important parts of the game. They are pretty simple and very easy to follow!

Yes, we are going to learn how to play Clash of Clans!

How to play Clash of Clans

How to play Clash of Clans – A Guide for Beginners

Getting Started

So you have just started playing Clash of Clans. The first step you have to do is to finish the tutorial. It is very easy to follow the first steps. Just follow the big arrows pointing to first most important parts of the game.

How to play Clash of Clans

There are tw0 small notes here I want to give you:

  • Don’t spend you Gems for speeding up the constructions or finishing the troop training progress in the tutorial. Just wait a few seconds for them to finish the works.
  • When attack the Goblin village, don’t deploy all of the Wizards. Just place two Wizards next to the Cannon and you still can win the attack. Other Wizards can be used for the next attacks.


After finishing the tutorial, you are now at Town Hall 2!

The first 48 hours

For the first two days, buy and upgrade your Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Gold Storage and Elixir Storage to their maximum level. You don’t need to upgrade the defensive buildings, walls or buy traps because you just don’t need them at this time. You have 3 days with the Shield so other players can’t attack you (You just can be attacked once the Shield runs out). You also don’t need to build the second Gold Storage and second Elixir Storage, 1 each is enough for upgrading stuffs.

You will have 3 days of shield after finishing the tutorial!

Once the Upgrade button in your Town Hall lights up, just tap on it to upgrade your village to level 3.

The next day

After 48 hours, there are only 24 hours of shield left. It’s time to start building and upgrading your defensive buildings. Follow this priority order to build defense: Mortar ~> Archer Towers ~> Cannons. Upgrade your Archer Towers to level 2 before upgrading the Cannons to level 2.

After finishing those defensive structures, you can start building your Walls and try to design your own base to learn how defenses work. Your Clash of Clans life is staring now for real.

At starting, good initial defenses are the Mortar and the Walls. Walls are pretty cheap at this time so make sure you can upgrade them to level 3 as quick as possible.
Put the walls around the most important buildings, defenses. Don’t let the attackers taking your defenses down with ease. Once your defensive buildings are destroyed, they can take all your available loot.

  • Important Buildings: Town Hall, Storages, Cannons, Archer Towers, Mortars and other defensive buildings.
  • Unimportant Buildings: Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, Builder Huts, Army Camps, Barracks,…

Spend your Gems wisely

With enough Gems, you can do everything. Just like money, you need to use them wisely, (you need them to buy more Builder Huts in the future). You should take a look at this specific guide for more details.


The Basic Steps to protect your Base

  • You can’t protect your loot without upgrading your defenses.
  • Ensure that all your buildings is concentrated in one area.
  • Your key defenses should be placed in the most defensible spot. Your Storages and Town Hall need to be protected by defenses and surrounded by walls.
  • Use your Traps as much as possible. They can deal lots of damage to the enemies and are always worth upgrading. Always rearm them otherwise you will lose more than the rearm cost. Place them next your your defensive buildings and Storages.
  • Make sure your defenses can protect each other. For example, Mortars can do lots of damage but their attack speed is extremely low, although they have a superb attack range but have a blind spot, that’s why you should place them inside the base instead of near the corner.

How to play Clash of Clans without defending? You can’t!

Attacking Other Players

Attack whenever you can. Attacking is the only way to win the game. No matter how many loot you get stolen, as long as you can farm well. you will be fine. There is no downside at all. You can get lots of loot and trophies from other players. If you want to find easier defenders, simply drop your trophies by finding a base then surrender. And of course, attacking is very fun!

How to play Clash of Clans without attacking? No, you can’t!


Make sure you have checked how much loot can be stolen before attacking. Just don’t bother attacking If it has none. Although, If it has a very large amount of loot but all defenses are at high level, you should take a few risks for getting the loot. When you attack Storages and Collectors/Mines, resources will be added to your Storages immediately so you can stop the raid whenever you want. After raiding, train more troops in the Barracks to replace the ones died in the last battle.

Upgrade your Barracks whenever you can to unlocks new troops and the Army Camps so you can bring more troops to the Battle.

Eventually, don’t forget to build the Laboratory. It helps you upgrade your troops to the higher level so they will have more HP and damage. At Town Hall 5, you can build the Spell Factory. With the Spell Factory, you can brew many spells which can help your attacks a ton.

Joining a Clan

After fixing the Ruined Clan Castle, you can join a Clan in game and start getting Social. Take your time and check for a good Clan. You probably want to join a Clan which has members are from your country. A good Clan always can help you by donated troops, find new strategies and show you how to play Clash of Clans the right way. After a while you can join the Clan Wars with your Clan mates to fight against other Clans and earn rewards.


Tips for Beginners

There are lots of other How to play Clash of Clans tips for Beginners, you can read them at all Offensive Tips and Top Gameplay Tips.


What happens when I get attacked?

If you get attacked, you can lose your Resources (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir when you at Town Hall 7) and trophies. The enemy can steal your resources from your Storages, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors and Town Hall.
Your buildings can be destroyed in the battle, but they will be healed immediately when you log into game. You don’t have to build them again.
Once the enemies activate your traps, you need to rearm them again with a certain amount of Gold. Traps are really important, always keep them active!

Why do I need Resouces?

In game, player attacks the others to get resources. Resources are used for upgrading buildings, armies and grow your village, make it be stronger.

:gold: is for building Elixir Collectors and Storages, Defenses, Traps, Walls, Town Hall and Clan Castle.
:elixir: is for building Gold Mines and Storage, Army Camps, Barracks, Laboratory, Spell Factory and upgrading troops.

What are Gems? How can it find them?

Gem is the premium currency in Clash of Clans (we can also see it in other video games) and it is the most valuable resource in game. With Gems, you can do everything: Upgrade your buildings and train troops without waiting, buy shields, buy other resources (Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir),…

There are plenty of ways in game to earn Gems, you can read more at: How to get free Clash of Clans Gems

Can I get my used troops back after the battle?

No, you can’t. You need to train a new army after every attack.

Why I don't have shield? How can I get it?

Every shield has a certain expiry date. Your shield will be lost when the time runs out.
You can have shield If the enemy take down at least 30% of yours base and spend more than 30% of his troops.

Thanks for reading this How to play Clash of Clans guide. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and we will help you. Your questions will help not only other players but also help us improve this beginner guide!

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