Inferno Tower Guide

The Inferno Tower is the most supreme defensive building in Clash of Clans. You just can have it when you hit the highest Town Hall level. The Inferno Tower has 2 modes: Single-Target and Multiple-Target. It hits every single troop by using the inferno fire and stops all healing effects. Someone said the lava stream of the Inferno Tower and level 10 Town Hall were the same…

Clash of Clans Inferno Tower

Everything about Inferno Tower

  • In Single-Target mode, the Inferno Tower just deals damage to a single target. The longer time it focus on a certain target, the more damage it can deal.
  • It takes a while to heat up the flame in Single-Target mode to make it most effective on strongest tanker troops.
  • In Multiple-Target mode, the Inferno Tower can deal damage up to 5 targets simultaneously.
  • Never set all Inferno Towers to Single-Target mode or they will be wiped out quickly by a large group of troops.
  • All troops which are targeted by the Inferno Tower can’t be healed by anything!
  • The Inferno Tower need to be reloaded periodically with :de: Dark Elixir.

Important numbers about Inferno Tower

Attack RangeAttack SpeedAttack ModeNumber of Rounds
Inferno Tower LevelSingle-TargetMulti-Target
Initial DPSDPS After 2sDPS After 5sDPS Each TargetMaximum Targets Simultaneously
Inferno Tower LevelHPDE per LoadUpgrade Cost :gold:Build Time
1150050050000007 days
21800600650000010 days
32100700800000014 days

Inferno Tower Strategies

Defensive strategies:

  • A dozen of troops can destroy Single-Target Inferno Tower easily. Ensure that you have at least Multiple-Target Inferno Tower and your Inferno Towers are protected by splash damage buildings.
  • Have at least one Single-Target Inferno Tower in your village for dealing with high HP troops such as Dragons, P.E.K.K.A, Golems,…
  • Because of their features, always place Inferno Towers in the core of your base beside other important buildings (Storages, Town Hall,…).
  • Multiple-Target mode works perfectly against low HP troops but do high damage such as Hog Riders.
  • Don’t place your Inferno Towers close together because or the attacker can free them all with just a single Freeze Spell.
  • You can refer a lot of base designs with perfect Inferno Tower placements here.

Offensive strategies:

  • 4 level 4 Lightning Spells can destroy a level 1 Inferno Tower.
    5 level 4 Lightning Spells can destroy a level 2 Inferno Tower.
    5 level 4 Lightning Spells can destroy a level 3 Inferno Tower.
  • Always have tanking troops If you want to go inside a base which has Inferno Towers. Place tanking troops first then high DPS troops right after them.
  • Because the Single-Target Inferno Tower have to heat up again If it changes the target so you can destroy it easily with a bunch of small troops such as Barbarians, Archers or Minions.
  • The Inferno Tower looks different in each attack mode:
    • 1 large hole = Single-Target Mode.
    • 3 small holes = Multiple-Target Mode.
  • An empty Inferno Tower is black like the one below. You don’t need to worry about it because It can’t attack you anymore!

empty Inferno Tower

Do you have some tricks or tips for the Inferno Tower?

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