New League Bonus and Loot System

After lots of new changes of the Shield and the appearance of the Village Guard, today Supercell has introduced the new League Bonuses in Clash of Clans. Let’s take a look guys!

The first set of changes involves the Town Hall becoming a primary loot target. Even Trophy pushers should take note of the last item on this list!

New League Bonus and Loot System

Everything about the new Loot System

  • Loot is now also distributed to the Town Hall (Town Hall will no longer keep 1000Gold and 1000Elixir).
  • Maximum Loot is unchanged.
  • The Town Hall now contains a part of loot equal to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the Dark Elixir Storage. (The TH now can keeps up to 1,600,000Gold, 1,600,000Elixir and 50,000Dark Elixir).
  • The higher TH level is, the more loot it can storage.
  • Goblins now target the Town Hall and Clan Castle like other Storages.
  • Available loot percentage of TH6-10 has been increased.
  • Higher TH level players now get less loot from smaller TH level players.
  • You can find targets at a 2-TH-level difference (good news, the Loot Bonus Farming Strategy still works fine!)

New Clash of Clans Loot System

The new League Bonus System

  • League Bonuses have been dramatically increased.
  • The better your raid is, the more Bonus you can get (from 0% to 100%). This is based on the destroyed building percentage.
  • You can get 100% League Bonus If you can destroy more than 70% building.



Some changes of the Trophy Offers

  • Now players can gain more trophies from raids and lose less from defense.
  • Defenders with smaller trophies now get more trophies.
  • Defenders with higher trophies now get less trophies.

What do you think about this new update?

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