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The best time to collect War loot

These days, I have been receiving lots of questions about the best time to collect War loot from new players. Okay, let’s discuss about this topic today!

The best time to collect War loot

Wait until you have something to upgrade! Why?

In Clash of Clans, Clan Castle can be used as a Storage which can store Gold Gold, Elixir Elixir and  Dark Elixir. The table below can show you everything in detail. The Clan Castle level 6 can store up to 2 million Gold, 2 million Elixir and 10 thousand Dark Elixir, cool huh?

Clan Castle Level Gold Gold Elixir Elixir Dark Elixir Dark Elixir
1 97,500 97,500 650
2 325,000 325,000 1,300
3 910,000 910,000 3,250
4 1,300,000 1,300,000 5,200
5 1,500,000 1,500,000 7,800
6 2,600,000 2,600,000 13,000

A Clan Castle level 6 has 34oo HP while Gold Storage and Elixir Storage level 12 have just 2500 HP. It will be much harder for the attackers to take your loot from the Clan Castle than other Storages not only because of the HP but also because most players place the Castle inside the core.


Moreover, the percentage available loot can be stolen of Clan Castle is much lower than Storages. The table below shows you my sample comparison. Regardless of the TH level, the attackers always can take just 5% loot of the Clan Castle.

TH Level % available loot in Storage can be stolen % available loot in CC can be stolen
1 20% 5%
2 20% 5%
3 20% 5%
4 20% 5%
5 20% 5%
6 20% 5%
7 18% 5%
8 16% 5%
9 14% 5%
10 12% 5%
11 10% 5%

For example: A Town Hall 6 has 1 million Gold in Storages and 1 million Gold in Clan Castle gets attacked. The attacker can take 200k loot from those Storages but he just can take only 50k Gold from the Clan Castle.

Wait until you have something to upgrade! When?

  • If after collecting Clan Castle you will have enough for upgrading something.
  • If you still have war loot from the previous war and don’t have enough space for the next war loot, yes, collect it immediately ortherwise you will overfill your Clan Castle.

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