Town Hall 10 Farming Guide

This is the farming guide for Town Hall 10, which was written by Purringcat, one of the best farmers that I have ever seen in Clash of Clans! He has been using this farming method and has just finished all level 11 walls before all other buildings. Such a terrible farming speed! Here is his crazy village:


His storages are always maxed and he uses Gems just for finishing up the upgrading progress of his Barbarian King and Archer Queen… I have been using his method and everything is perfect! I’m gonna post my own review about this farming strategy in the near future!

Purringcat Town Hall 10 Farming Strategy

Single Player Campaigns

Save them! They are very important!
At Town Hall 10, you need to upgrade a lot of structures which require 8 millions Gold/Elixir. By saving those Goblin campaigns, when you just need thousands more loot to upgrade a building, just go and take loot from those maps to fill up your storages instead of going outside for farming or waiting for the collectors.

Saving up before hitting Town Hall 10

Move all your collectors inside the base and all your defensive buildings outside about 2 days before hitting Town Hall 10 so you can protect loot in the collectors better (read more at How much loot you can steal?). Having extra 300k loot of both resources can help you a lot after building 2 new Inferno Towers and new X-Bow.

Join Clan War and fill your Clan Castle up with full loot. You should use those loot later because the attackers just can steal can 5-6% of loot in your Clan Castle (more at: Best time to collect War Loot).

Farming at Town Hall 10 is much harder than Town Hall 9. Bring as much as loot you can before going to TH10!

Upgrade priority for farming

This upgrade priority from Purringcat for optimum farming and Clan War.

If you want to be a real Town Hall 10, not Town Hall 9.5, you should sit out of Clan Wars for a month.

  1. 2 Inferno Towers: It takes total 31 days to upgrade all two Inferno Towers buildings to level 3. You need to use 2 Builders all these time.
  2. Laboratory and Spell Factory: They are two most important buildings at every Town Hall level. Upgrade them as soon as possible so you will have Freeze Spells for Clan Wars after finishing those Inferno Towers.
  3. Army Camps: More housing spaces you have, move chance you can win the battle!
  4. X-Bow: Upgrade your level 3 X-Bows to level 4 then build the new one. Upgrade the last one straight to level 4!
  5. Heroes.
  6. Teslas & Air Defenses: Most of guides recommend you upgrade splash damage defenses at this step… If you have decent walls at Town Hall 10 (Lego and above), Barch can’t destroy your base. In Clan Wars, you will be attacked by GoWiPe, GoWiVa, GoWiWi or whatever, Teslas and Air Defenses are your key defenses against those attacks, not splash damage buildings. Have you ever seen a failed attack which was just because of those splash damage buildings?
  7. Wizard Tower: Wizard Tower can attack both ground and air units, does great works against Balloons attacks and protects your base from Barch perfectly.
  8. Archer Towers.
  9. Mortar and Air Sweeper: If you want to be ready for Clan Wars, upgrade the Air Sweeper. If you want to join Clan War later, upgrade the Mortars. We all love big fire balls :D.
  10. Cannons: Bad boys, just can only attack ground units.
  11. Walls: The last place to spend your loot…

Okay, so how to farm loot at Town Hall 10?

Golden Hour: Sounds like happy hour for shopping, right? 😀
After a maintenance break or update is the best time for farming. At this time, all villages are available to be raided, all collectors are filling up during the update time, boost your Barracks and you can farm 10 millions loot in 2 hours with just Barch.

There isn’t the best farming composition. I think all players have their own favorite farming strategies to fit the timetable. For example, If I am studying and have 5-10 minutes break each hour, I will train Giants, Archers and Wall Breakers for farming. If I am at work and just have the lunch break, I will train all Dragons or even GoWiPe. At the weekend, I boost all my Barracks and have happy farming 2 hours with Barch.

What is the best farming range? The best farming league for Town Hall 10 depends on how you farm. For example, Master 3 is the best league for Giant-Archer. Just take a walk from 2000 trophies to 2500 trophies and you can find the best place for you!

Sometimes you should use Lightnings while farming. Don’t regret 100k Elixir to get 2k Dark Elixir. It takes 2,5 hours to train 5 Lightning Spells, If you awake 17-18 hours everyday, it means you can zap Dark Elixir 6 times everyday = 12k Dark Elixir. It is not a bad number. Don’t forget that you also have the Dark Elixir Drills, they will help you drill up to 5k Dark Elixir everyday.

Please comment if you have any ideas or suggestion to improve this Town Hall 10 farming guide.

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