Clan Level 9 | N.D.X LEGENTD | TH7+ | Hybrid/Social | Clash of Clans Land

Clan Level 9 | N.D.X LEGENTD | TH7+ | Hybrid/Social

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About us
– Our clan was inactive for quite some time so I decided to get a fresh start and restart from zero.
– Currently we’re a little short on members but what we make up for in short members we make up in pride!
– We war twice a week so that we don’t have to stress on Wars and so that we also get that war loot bonus.
– We’re introducing discord to our clan.
– Swearing is allowed but directed in a nasty way at a fellow clan-mate will not be tolerated.
– Maturity is valued.
Reasons to join us
– Level 9 perks!
– We donate what is requested.
– Laid back environment.
– We help, encourage and support to learn new strats.

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