[Event] Clan Games Mooching Megathread | Clash of Clans Land

[Event] Clan Games Mooching Megathread

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Hey clashers!

Since Clan Games are about to be over, and many clans haven't had to use all 50 spots in their clans to actually finish it off, you can post your clan's name and tag in the comments below if you're feeling generous enough for randoms to join your clan to finish off 1 quest, and get the maximum rewards in the CGs.

Notes to be aware of:

  1. This is NOT a recruitment thread. Hence, do not ask to recruit people for your clan. Your comment will be deleted.

  2. If your clan doesn't have 50k CG points already, please don't post your clan's name or tag in this thread.

  3. Please write out your clan's name, tag, and the amount of people you can let in before no one else can be able to mooch off anymore.

Happy clashing!

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