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The Game does not Support New Clans.

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Trying to build your own clan from stratch is near impossible, and it’s sad that if you want to make your own and develop it, it 99% of the time won’t happen. Why? Two things:

1. Clan perks are beneficial and very appealing. Anyone would rather join a clan with all the clan perks than one without any, making new clans unappealing to join.

2. Lack of resources to find players you want. The best way to reach it is to go into global and hope you find clanless people to invite. But sadly, most of them won’t join as mentioned before as clan perks are a thing. Not to mention, who wants to join a clan with barely any people. But if that wasn’t hard enough, the odds you’ll find a player who won’t leave immediately and is active and is some brainless noob,

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