3 New Spells: Earthquake, Poison and Haste

As we all know, the next Clash of Clans update is going out on June 30th. There are tons of new outstanding features and one of them is the new Spell Factory, which comes with 3 new Spells are Earthquake, Poison and Haste. I think new units/spells always have the highest attention from players, so I’ve just decided to create this individual topic to talk about them

New Clash of Clans Poison Spell

Couples of things you need to know about the new Spells

  • There are 3 new spells are Earthquake, Poison and Haste.
  • Players can buy the new Spell Factory from Town Hall 8.
  • You can bring 7 new spell slots at TH8, 9 slots at TH9 and it will be 11 at TH10.
    New spells = 1 slot/bottle.
    Old spells = 2 slots/bottle.

Here are 2 screenshots of this new magical constructor in game. You can read more details about it at the Dark Spell Factory page.

New Spell Factory in game Dark Spell Factory and the new poison

Poison Spell

This :poison: spell can create exotic smoke and deals up to 500 damage in a certain ring, perfect for killing Clan troops or Heroes inside the base. In the video below, you can see that it takes up to 4 Poison spells to kill a level 3 Dragon.

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
195 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/AN/A
2110 Dark Elixir15 minutes25,000 Dark Elixir4 days6
3125 Dark Elixir15 minutes50,000 Dark Elixir6 Days7
4140 Dark Elixir15 minutes75,000 Dark Elixir10 Days8
LevelRadiusSpeedDamageHitsTotal Damage

Earthquake Spell

Like its name, this spell :earthquake: can do a small earthquake on a certain area and damage all buildings inside the ring, lose a portion of their remaining HP. Your loot in storages can’t be affected by not only this spell but also all other ones in game.

Walls are vulnerable to Earthquake spell!

New Earthquake Spell

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
1125 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/AN/A
2140 Dark Elixir15 minutes30,000 Dark Elixir6 days6
3160 Dark Elixir15 minutes60,000 Dark Elixir8 Days7
4180 Dark Elixir15 minutes90,000 Dark Elixir12 Days8

You can see more details in this video:

Haste Spell

Haste Spell :haste: is the best spell for boosting your army speed, works with all troops and doesn’t boost damage as the Rage Spells but it costs half spell space of the Rage Spell.

Haste and Rage Spell

LevelCostBrew TimeUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeLaboratory Level
180 Dark Elixir15 minutesN/AN/A7
285 Dark Elixir15 minutes40,000 Dark Elixir6 days8
390 Dark Elixir15 minutes80,000 Dark Elixir8 Days8
14002810 seconds
24003415 seconds
34004020 seconds
44004625 seconds

If you want to read more about other stunning features of this new update, please visit the main update page.

Currently there is just news about the Poison spell. I will always keep updating this page to give you the newest information!

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