Clash of Clans December Update: Town Hall 11

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Today, November 23rd 2015, is the first day of the 2-week sneak peek schedule of the Clash of Clans December Update with Town Hall 11, the new Hero, the new Defense,… According to Supercell, this new update is absolutely packed with lots of changes which aim to improve the way we play Clash of Clans.

I will attempt to keep updating this page as soon as possible whenever we have new new Sneak Peek.

Clash of Clans December Update

Official Sneak Peeks

Update Release Date: December 10th 2015.

New shield feature for attacking and defending

There will be lots of changes for the Shield system in game:

  • Destroying Town Hall no longer gives free shield.
  • You just can have shield If your village get destroyed more than 30% structures.
  • You can attack and revenge when having shield without breaking the shield. This takes a decent amount of Shield time.
  • Read more about this at the new Shield System.


New Village Guard and Personal Break Feature

  • Your village will get the Village Guard automatically once the Shield expires.
  • You can attack/revenge when having the shield without having penalty.
  • The granted Village Guard time depends on your league. Higher league = longer time.
  • You will be kicked off after 3 hours only without having shield.
  • Read more about the new Village Guard Features at here.

New League Bonus, Trophy and Loot System

  • Town Hall now works as a Storage, which can storage loot worth of 1 Gold Storage, 1 Elixir Storage and 1/4 the DE Storage.
  • The maximum loot is unchanged.
  • Town Hall and Clan Castle now are Goblin’s favorite targets (x2 damage).
  • TH levels from 6 to 10 can farm more loot than before.
  • All League Bonuses now get increased. The more damage you can deal, the more loot you can get.
  • Read more at here.

Bigger Maps and Longer Attack Time

  • Due to the new Town Hall 11 and we don’t have enough space to deploy troops properly at Town Hall 10, we will have a bigger map.
  • We will have 3 minutes 30 seconds to for attacking and 45 seconds for scouting.
  • Due to the new Town Hall Storage, we can store much more loot.
  • You can read more about this at here.

Donate Spells

  • All Clan Castle from level 4 can be donated Dark Spell.
  • New Donation Menu can show exactly which troops have just been donated.

New Buildings Level

  • Storages level 12, Laboratory level 9 and Wizard Tower level 9 will be available soon.
  • More at here.

New Defenses for TH11 – Freeze Spell for Town Hall 9

Read more about this sneak peek at here.

5 Gems/Hour Boost and new Minion Level 7

Read more about this sneak peek at here.

The Witch Level 3

New Witch level 3 + reducing Nexting costs

Read more about this sneak peed at here.

New Hero – Grand Warden

Read more about the new Hero at here.

Other new changes

  • All traps now can be rearmed with much less price (~75% rearm cost redution).
  • X-Bow reload costs dramatically reduced (~70%).
  • The time your village can be attacked after going offline is 5 minutes.


Leaked Sneak Peeks

We will have 1 new Barrack and 2 Dark Spell Factory in total. Does that mean we will have some new Dark Spells? Let’s see!


Detailed information will be out soon! Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can read more about sneak peeks easier.

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