How is your Clash of Clans day?

Hello my Clash of Clans friends!

Today, we let’s talk about our Clash of Clans day: When and where do you play Clash of Clans everyday? How is your life affected by this game?

Girl playing Clash of Clans

I will choose a player who have the most awesome story about his/her life and Clash of Clans and give a small gift (10$ iTunes/Google Play Gift card) to that player. So don’t hesitate, tell us your story!

This is my timetable in day. Although I can’t do an attack with just about 5 minutes but I always try to open game whenever I have time to see what is happening and donate troops for my Clanmates :D. I just can only play Clash of Clans after work and at the lunch break time…

  • 6 AM: Wake up, open Clash of Clans at first to collect all collectors in game to make sure no one can touch them when my shield is gone.
  • 7 AM: I have 15-20 minutes to play game while traveling to my office by train. The shields is also over at this time so I just want to do a raid before having shield again.
  • 12 PM – 1 PM: Having lunch with my partners and playing Clash of Clans all this time.
  • 5 PM: At home after work, play Clash of Clans for a while before running with my friend in the park.
  • 8 PM: Spend at least 2 hours playing game and watching TV when my troops are being trained.

And how about you? Tell us about your Clash of Clans timetable :D.

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