New Hero: Grand Warden

After a week, finally we’ve gotten a sneak peek about the new Hero today! Hopefully we will have more details about the upcoming Town Hall 11 tomorrow!

Grand Warden Hero in Clash of Clans

  1. The new Hero will be called Grand Warden. This veteran battle-scholar seeks out groups of friendly troops to fight behind and boost with his Life Aura and assumes the form of a tower on defense. Attacking, he can walk over walls or fly high and can make nearby troops immune to damage once his Eternal Tome ability is unlocked. You can unlock him at Town Hall 11.
    • Life Aura (passive): Increase the HP for all troops within the aura ring.
    • Eternal Tome (ability): Troops within his aura are temporarily invulnerable, including him!
  2. The maximum level of Grand Warden is 20. Upgrading him will cost Elixir (not Dark Elixir).
  3. He can be used on the Ground or in the Air. He can be hit by Air Defense, Air Bomb and Seeking Air Mine when he is flying.
  4. He always follow a group of troops which has the highest HP.

Grand Warden Hero


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