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New Mortar & Inferno Tower Levels + Graphic Changes

Hello guys,

Today Supercell released a new video about the upcoming with lots of new stuffs, also included new Mortar and Inferno Tower levels as I mentioned before in the leaked news post.

New Mortar and Inferno Tower Levels

Yes! Inferno Tower level 4 and Mortar level 9 will be released in the upcoming update for Town Hall 11:

Building Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Town Hall
Mortar 9 9,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 800 15
Inferno Tower 4 10,000,000 Gold 12 days 11 2400 Multi: 46

Single: 42 > 155 > 1,550

I also got some nice hidden eggs from Galadon’s video:

New Altars and Barrack Level 7:


New Air Defenses Graphics


New Builder Menu:


I am going to update everything about this first sneak peeks as soon as possible!

What do you think about these changes guys?