Dragon Attack Strategy Infographic | Clash of Clans Land

Dragon Attack Strategy Infographic

Today, I am going to show you a stunning Dragon attack strategy guide with the infographic style which is pretty easy to read, understand and remember with all the important information that you need to know inside out while playing with Dragons. This Clash of Clans attack infographic was created by Blake.

This Dragon attack infographic guide brings to you 2 most effective and popular variations of Dragons are DragLoon and DragLight with not only detailed army compositions, steps for attacking but also his experience of how Dragons funneling works, how to attack asymmetric bases and how to attack from the corners.

If you want to download this infographic, just click at here and it will be downloaded automatically.

Dragon Attack Strategy Infographic

Some notes for you while attacking with Dragons

  • Always deploy Balloons after Dragons. Dragons will be the tankers, your Balloons will not be taken down.
  • You can use 5 level 4 Hog Riders for snipping 1 Air Defense that’s 1 hop from the edge of the base.
  • If you drop your Dragons correctly, you will never lose more than 1 Dragon because of Clan troops.
  • Any base with 2 Air Defenses can be 3 starred by using Mass Dragon + destroying 1 AD with Lightning Spells.

Remember: Practice makes perfect. Train at least 1 army everyday and attack base with lost of loot to improve your experience in attacking with Dragons.