Farm 3M Loot/Hour Without Spending Gems

Hi Clashers! In this guide, Ash (Eternal625) is going to show you the easiest way to farm up to 3 million loot every hour without spending a single Gem on boosting your Barracks. This guide is quite concise and short because it is pretty easy to understand and follow his steps.

How to farm 3 Million loot per hour

Army Composition

The farming strategy we are talking about in this guide is B.A.M = Barbarians + Archers + Minions.

Why we should use B.A.M for farming?

We should use this army composition for farming because it is the fastest army to train and very effective (6 Barracks are all working at a time). You just need to wait 14 minutes for a full B.A.M army while another very popular farming strategy is Barch takes up to 20 minuteds.
With B.A.M, you can do more attacks than other armies with the same time. You will have a big profit in the long run.

Let’s set up our Barracks like this:

:barbarian: = 2 Barracks :archer: = 2 Barracks :minion: = 2 Barracks.

Spell Factory: Only :rage: and :healing:

If you want to save your :de: for more profit, don’t train more than 20 Minions for every attack (It means 10 Minions each Barrack).

How to farm properly with B.A.M

Choose the right league for farming

Silver is the best league for farming with B.A.M at Town Hall 7 to 10. You can find inactive bases, rushed bases as well as easy-to-raid Storages base at here, It will also take less time to find and attack a base here.

With a powerful army like B.A.M and also because of the loot penalty, you have no reason to attack the bases which have lower level than you.

We are farming, not pushing trophy so trophy is meaningless here. You shouldn’t spend troops to get a 50% win, just end the battle for saving your troops and time.  You also should stop the raid immediately once you steal a large number of loot and your Barbarian King/Archer Queen are start being attacked (you can read more about this below). Anytime you want trophies, you always can find bases for snipping Town Hall at Silver.

Choose the right base to attack

You should always be looking for:

  • Inactive bases with full collectors ~ 300k loot.
  • Bases with at least 400k loot in Storages and Collectors.

You can find the targets easier by using Xmodgames for searching.

Raiding inside the base for Storages with B.A.M is always harder than other army compositions or just drag your troops around the base for collecting loot. Maybe you can’t get all of the Storages, choosing the base with at least 400k loot in Storages is easy to understand.
If you are looking for both Gold and Elixir, try to find the bases to attack which have at least 150k Elixir or Gold. Don’t attack a hard base with 300k Gold and 50k Elixir.

Don’t go back to your base once you start searching or all your trained troops in queue will be reset and slow your efficiency. You should read this guide to understand how actually the Barracks work.

How to use the Spells

  • Because of the price. don’t drop more than 1 spell in every attack.
  • Use the Spell once your troops are inside the base and you are penetrating that you need to use it.
  • The best time to use Rage Spell is early in the raid, when your troops star breaking inside and you still have a lot of troops. Barbarians, Archers and Minions work best when they are working as a large group.
  • Use the Healing spell when you have to deal with a bunch of Mortars and Wizard Towers or they can take your troops down easily.

Saving your troops

Conserving our troops is not because of loot, it is because of the training time. As I said above, don’t deploy all your troops If you don’t need to. Control your troops, use a decent number of troops to get all the resource.

Take a look at these screenshots to see how many troops Ash used for raiding

Stunning attack logs with BAM

75% Army Camp Farming Method

Don’t wait until your camps are all full to start searching. You can start searching once you have 75% troops in your camp. You don’t need full camps to attack inactive bases and easy-to-raid-storages bases. In addition, B.A.M trains 16 troops every minutes, If you start searching with 75% troops, you will have a full army after searching 3-4 minutes.

And don’t forget: Never return to your base while searching once your army camps are full.

Save your Archer Queen

Archer Queen is one of the most powerful troops in Clash of Clans. We all want to use her for every raid, that’s why we need to keep Archer Queen healthy.

  • If you are attacking an inactive village, drop your Archer Queen at the end of the raid to clean up all remaining and inside collectors.
  • If you are raiding Storages, protect Archer Queen by using Barbarians and Archers as the meat shield.
  • Active her Ability once her health turns to about 75% to restore her HP, make her be invisible and the defensive building before will change the target to another troop.
  • Surrender If you can’t protect her from being attacked. She is more important than loot.
  • Learn to love her.

Having her will skyrocket your farming speed. If you are upgrading her, that’s fine, don’t worry.

Some tips for farming with B.A.M

  • Spread, spread and spread your troops or Splash defensive buildings will take them down within seconds. Spreading also help you distract and overwhelm defensive buildings. Once again, I recommend this guide to you, It will show you how to drag your troops around the base within seconds.
  • Always deploy your Barbarians before deploying Archers. Those boys will protect our girls.
  • If the base is not inactive, you should check for traps and Bombs in empty spaces.
  • Don’t place all your Minions into the battle at once, the Air Bombs can hurt them anytime.

The author of this guide, Ash (or Eternal625), is a master of farming in Clash of Clans. He is going to max all his walls before his Builders have enough time to upgrade defensive buildings to level 8. Awesome farming guide from a farming master!

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