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Giant Biz Strategy: No DE, Effective and Cheap

Giant Biz is not really a new attack strategy in Clash of Clans, but not much players know about it. I have tried to use it couples of times in my Clan War. This strategy is very cheap, much cheaper than Hogs, Dragons, GoWiPe, HoLoWiWi or other ones.

Giant Biz works well with: TH7 vs. TH7 and weak TH 8, TH8 vs. TH8 and weak TH 9, TH 9 vs. TH 9.


How Giant Biz works:

While giants are soaking up damage, like a meat wall, Wizards and Barbarians can destroy buildings. You should drag the Wizards after your Barbarians, so they will be safe the whole match.

Because this strategy is cheap and doesn’t need Dark Elixir so it isn’t more effective than the other ones. You can use it for pushing your trophies or in Clan War. As a Town Hall 8 with level 5 troops, you can easily get 2 stars when attack well upgraded Town Hall 9, more than 80% with other TH8 villages and 3 stars if you attack TH7s.

Giant Biz Combination:

200 housing spaces and 3 spell spaces, for instance:

  1. Troops: 12 Wall Breakers, 18 Giants, 12 Wizards and 38 Barbarians.
  2. Spells: 1 Lightning Spell/1 Rage Spell and 2 Healing Spells.
  3. Clan troops: 5 Wizards and 5 Barbarians.


  1. Drop 1 Barbarian for each Builder’s Hut in the corner (If there are).
  2. Use Barbarians for pulling out CC troops.
  3. Use Lightning Spell or couples of Barbarians and Wizards to remove them all.Drop all Giants on one spot.Drop a couple of Wall Breakers after your Giants.Drop all your Barbarians in a line right after your Giants.Drop all your Wizards in a line after your Barbarian wall. Deploy your Clan troops.When your Giants’ health turns red, use Healing Spell.Use Wall Breakers wisely.Drop your Hero(es).Use Rage Spell (If you bring) when your troops hit the core.

This attack strategy is from SaeedOrphan. A big thank to you mate!