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Goblin Knife Farming Strategy – Farming Without Heroes!

A few months above I did post a small effective farming strategy with Goblins and a lot of players have been using it since then. Although it is an extremely farming startgey (you can read more about it at here) but it’s pretty hard to get Dark Elixir, especially for late-TH9 players, people who just care about Dark Elixir after maxing everything with Gold and Elixir. That’s why today I am going to show you a brand new Dark Elixir farming strategy for Town Hall 9 and 10, which was shared by Atekihcan!


Goblin Knife Farming Strategy

Goblin Knife Summary:

  1. Efficient farming strategy with lots of Goblins.
  2. You can raid 2-3 times every hour without boosting Barracks.
  3. You can easily get both Dark Elixir Storage + Town Hall with this strategy. Somehow, you can use it as a trophy pushing strategy.
  4. You don’t need Heroes to use this strategy.
  5. This strategy is for Town Hall 9 and above because Jump Spell helps you funnel your Goblins easily and because of Goblins level 6.

Why should I use Goblins?

At level 6, Goblin has 68 HP and all splash damage defensive building (except maxed Wizard Towers at Town Hall 11) can’t 1-hit them. This is one more condition for you to rush to Town Hall 9!

Army Composition:

giant Archer Wall Breaker goblin rage spell jump spell

I recommend using your Barracks like this:

  • Train 3 Giants + 2 Wall Breakers each Barrack.
  • Train 34 Archers in 1 Barrack.
  • Train 30 Goblins in each of the rest 3 Barracks.

It takes about 25 minutes to finish but If you queued up, lots of troops will be ready when you back to your Home village after reading. If you want to train troops a bit faster, you can get 10 Minions for funneling.

You will want to queue your Spell Factory like this: Rage -> Jump -> Rage -> Jump. Because I usually just use 1 Rage and 1 Jump every raid, most of the time my spells are ready by the time my army training is finished.

That’s great If you can request Giants for the Clan Castle but that would be okay with any kind of troops.

It’s totally okay If your Heroes are being upgraded as they are purely optional in this strategy.

Which bases should I attack with this strategy?

  • Bases with 2000+ Dark Elixir. You can easily find them after a few Nexts.
  • Bases which have a clear path for Goblins to get DE Storage and Town Hall directly.
  • Don’t attack spread-out bases as it’s extremely hard to funnel your Goblins properly.
  • Don’t attack Town Hall 10 and 11 bases unless their Dark Elixir Drills and Dark Elixir Storage is easily accessible.

How to attack with this strategy?

  1. Choose a great side to attack, where your Goblins can easily access into the Dark Elixir compartment. Too many resource buildings in a patch will distract your Goblins badly and they all will be killed before getting into the Dark Elixir Storage compartment as we don’t use any Healing Spell. Ideally, after taking down outside collectors, there should be no more than 2 resource buildings before getting Dark Elixir Storage and Town Hall.
  2. Take down all outside Collectors nearby the chosen entry point with your Archers, Goblins, Minions,…  This is an important step, don’t skip this unless you want your Goblins go shopping around the base.
  3. If there are almost full Dark Elixir Drills, go and get them both! Normally I use no more than 1 Giant, 2 Wall Breakers and 10 Goblins to take down the farthest full DE Drill. After that, I select the entry point from the other side.
  4. Drop a few Giants on both side of the entry points (you can see in the video below). When your Giants are soaking damage, send Wall Breakers to the middle of Giants to open the first layer.
  5. Drop the rest of Giants -> Drop Archers in a line -> Place Clan Castle down -> Use your Heroes.
  6. Drop your Jump Spell where it opens a path to the Dark Elixir Storage and only the Elixir Storage. If you open too many compartments with resource buildings, your Goblins will not be able to get the sweet DE Storage. You will also place the Jump Spell to where has defensive buildings so your Giants can soak damage and protect Goblins.
  7. Drop Rage Spell in the core once Giants start soaking damage from core defensive buildings.
  8. Immediately send your Goblins into the core. I usually use 2 fingers to do this.

Some small notes:

  • Initially you will not get the Dark Elixir Storage in some raids because of not have the Healing Spell. Some players love adding a Healing Spell but personally I have found it’s better If you can time your troop and spell placement. Your raged Goblins can take out both DE Storage and Town Hall before splash damage buildings hit them the second time.
  • Funneling is extremely important and you must do it carefully.

Okay guys so that’s it! I hope you you farm a ton of Dark Elixir with this strategy! Don’t hesitate to ask If you need any question. Clash on!