LavaLoonion: Perfect New Strategy

Although LavaLoonion isn’t a new attack strategy in Clash of Clans, there are many players still don’t know how to use it effectively. And because this is a detailed guide, so all players who didn’t heard about it before still can get 3 stars for Clan War matches.


I am going to do my best to make this guide as short as possible, but still be detail. If you just want to see the videos about this strategy, just scroll down to the last section.

LavaLoonion Combination:

Depends on the base your want to attack, pick the best combination for you:

  • Troops: 1-4 Lava Hounds, 15-30 Balloons, 0-25 Minions, 0-8 Hogs, 0-1 Golems.
  • Spells: 1 Healing and 3 Rage Spells.
  • Clan Troops: Lava Hound.

Before attacking with LavaLoonion:

Here are 4 things you NEED to consider before attacking with LavaLoonion:

  1. Air Defenses: A good base for you to attack is the one which has exposed Air Defenses in the outer layer, low level AD, can be destroyed by Hog Riders. Choose the Air Defense to attack If you can also lure the Clan troops. Is it next to the Queen?
  2. Clan Castle: Where is its location? Can you lure it? Is it in the range of an Air Defense, and can you destroy that Air Defense with Hogs?
  3. X-Bows: It will be good If at least one is set on the Ground.
  4. Archer Queen: It will be perfect if the base has exposed Queen or you can easily kill her by using Minions, or she is next to the Air Defense is also great!

Here are some examples for this scouting step. Maybe the village you are going to attack likes one of them:


How to attack with LavaLoonion:

Take care of the Clan troops:

  1. Always lure the Clan troops if it is possible. If it is too hard to lure, deploy some Balloons then they can lure the troops while they are taking out the defenses near the Castle with this priority: Air Defense > Wizard Tower > Tesla > Archer Tower > The rest. In other cases, lure them with Hogs as shown in the “Before attacking section”.
  2. If there is at least 1 Witch in the Castle, just deploy your Lava Hounds and don’t care about the clan troops anymore because your Lava Pups can wipe them easily.

Some tips for attacking with LavaLoonion strategy:

  1. Remove all easy to get defenses which can hit your Balloons. You don’t need to care about the Mortars and Cannons.
  2. Put your Heroes into the war far from the Mortars and Cannons (or one they have gone).
  3. If the Air Defenses are all in the core, send your Lava Hound in with about 15 Balloons. Use Rage Spell to help them reach the core faster. Once your troops hit the core, use another Rage Spell there. Use Healing Spell if needed.
  4. If you can’t take out the Queen with your Minions, leave her there as the last job.
  5. Each balloons should have a specific target! Never deploy Balloons randomly or in a line.: 1-2 Balloons for a Archer Tower, 1-2 for the Wizard Tower, 4-8 for the Air Defense and 1-2 for the Tesla.
  6. Deploy your Minions wisely. Use them all or you maybe you will get 99%.

Remember: Never sit and wait. While your troop are doing there jobs, think about the next step because maybe you will have to change your plan.

Thousands words aren’t good as 1 video. These videos will show you more details about this strategy:

This guide was from gamer88, you can also see a lot of videos about LavaLoonion and other Clash of Clans at his Youtube channel.

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