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What Is the Kill Squad?

I have mentioned lots of things about Kill Squad (KS) in the previous strategies and also received loads of questions about it, so let’s discuss about this today. We are going to discuss about the fundamentals instead of any particular KS. Full credits go to Southpawinrelief.

Clash of Clans Kill Squad

What is the Kill Squad?

In Clash of Clans, the Kill Squad is a group of troops which is deployed at the beginning of the attack to accomplish particular buildings/Heroes so that the remaining troops can destroy the rest of the base easier and achieve a 3 star win.

For example, a Kill Squad of the GoHogs strategy can be:

kingqueengolemwizardWall Breaker

Common Kill Squad Compositions

Kill Squads are usually composed of at least 1 Golem, couples of Wizards, Wall Breakers for funneling and the Heroes. The quantity of each troop in your KS depends on what you are trying to accomplish with it. Most players use Spells (normally Jump Spell and Earthquake Spells) for their KS to reach the targets easier.

Should I use the Kill Squad?

Undoubtedly Clash of Clans is a very complex and pretty balanced strategy game, especially at Town Hall 9.
To destroy a well-designed base, you just can’t simply deploy and spam your troops. To achieve 3 star you must calculate a series of steps in a specific order wisely. And the Kill Squad is the very first step of that series.

Defense targeting troops (DTTs) are always the main protagonists of most strategies. In order to protect them from the most threats (the defensive Archer Queen, the Air Defenses or Inferno Towers,…) and have a successful attack, the KS is used to eliminate those specific objectives.

Common Objectives of the Kill Squad

Depending on the type of the attack, you will know what objectives should be targeted.

If you use GoHog variations, you should take care of these tasks:

  • Take down the enemy Archer Queen.
  • Remove the enemy Clan troops.
  • Trigger Double Giant Bombs.

With GoLaLoon:

  • Taking down the enemy Archer Queen.
  • Killing the enemy Clan troops.
  • Destroy at least 1 Air Defense.

After taking care of these objectives, you can proceed the raid without worrying. Let’s take a closer look at these objectives!

Killing the Enemy AQ

In nearly every 3-star attack, you must kill the defensive Archer Queen before your defense targeting troops. Regardless of the level, the defensive Queen always can do a significant amount of damage with her impressive attack speed. I am sure that everyone of us can see at least 1 time how formidable she is while overpowering Hogs Riders and Balloons.

This is the most common method most players use to kill the enemy Archer Queen: Using raged Barbarian King.

  1. Deploy Golems.
  2. Deploy and funnel Wizards.
  3. Deploy the Archer Queen.
  4. Use Wall Breakers and Jump Spell/Earthquake Spells to enter the AQ’s compartment or lure her out.
  5. After the funnel is made and the enemy Clan troops get locked onto your tankers (Golems/Lava Hounds), drop your Barbarian King and he will find the right way to the enemy AQ very quickly. Once he gets locked on her, active his ability to increase his damage and summon additional Barbarians. Take any chance to kill the enemy Archer Queen, even If you need use 1 more spell. Trust me, you will really regret If you let her survive. The Barbarian King is usually used for just dealing with the enemy Queen, after that, he is just for cleaning up the base.

Killing the Clan troops

With the Poison Spell, luring the Clan troops is much less important than before, for sure. I can see that most attackers now usually use the KS and the Poison Spell to deal with them while they get locked on the Golems. If you think that your KS is enough to deal with the Clan troops, the Poison Spell can be used for removing the Skeletons later. Normally using 3-4 Wizards and the AQ is enough to take down most Clan troop compositions while they are affected by the Poison.

Also, make sure that you know how to drop Spells on air troops properly. If you have any trouble with the enemy Lava Hound, take a look at this tip.

Clash of Clans Kill Squad

The roles of your Heroes

Your Heroes have important roles in the KS of most attacks. As I mentioned above, the Barbarian King is used to eliminate the enemy Queen. After that, everything else is bonus. You will always want to use his ability to take down her as soon as possible. Sometimes, because of the stupid King AI, he may target the building next to the Queen instead of her, but If you active his ability, he will re-target immediately.

The Archer Queen has a more nebulous role than the King in this play. She is usually used for dealing damage from behind the tanking troops. She is also the best cleanup troop that we all want to keep till the end of the attack. Only use her ability when you really need. Don’t active it If  she can destroy 1 defense before it kills her..

How much can I get with the Kill Squad?

This is one of the most asked questions but most players don’t like the answer.

It depends on your Hero levels a lot. The higher level your Heroes are, the more buildings your KS can destroy. Higher level Hero = more DPS = more HP. With the additional DPS, your Heroes can take down the enemy troops and buildings much faster, that’s why you want your Golems to last longer. If your Heroes are at level 5 or below, you should be better off investing less in the Kill Squad. With those troop housing spaces, you should spend them on defense targeting troops such as Hog Riders or Balloons.

For example: If your Queen is level 5 or below and you want to use her in a GoHo attack, you should use no more than 1 Golem in your KS. If your Queen is at level 6-15, you should properly use 2 Golems. Else, you can use up to 3 Golems.


Every base is different. You shouldn’t try to attack a base that doesn’t fit your attack style. Make your attack style fits the base.
There is no one size fits all Kill Squad composition. Sometimes you need to use 10 Wizards and sometimes you need to use just 5. Sometimes you need to use Jump Spells but sometimes you just need to use couples of Wall Breakers.

How much you need to get with your Kill Squad? That’s the question you need to answer!