ZapQuake Strategy for Town Hall 9

After I published the ZapQuake Combo couples of months ago, It became very popular, especially at Town Hall 8. But can we use this strategy at Town Hall 9? Yes, sure, why not? You absolutely can use ZapQuake at Town Hall 9 with your air armies.

zapquake strategy in clash of clans

What is ZapQuake?

ZapQuake is a great combination of Lightning Spells (Zaps) and Earthquake Spell (Quake). Just drop 2 Lightning Spells and 1 Earthquake Spell on certain Air Defense(s), you can easily take it down.

The table below shows you everything about this combination.

Air DefenseHPEarthquake Spell
Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Level 1800Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3
Level 2850Zap Lvl. 4Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3
Level 3900Zap Lvl. 4Zap Lvl. 4Zap Lvl. 3Zap Lvl. 3
Level 4950Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 4Zap Lvl. 3
Level 51000Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 4
Level 61050Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5
Level 71110Zap Lvl. 6Zap Lvl. 6Zap Lvl. 5Zap Lvl. 5
Level 81170Zap Lvl. 6Zap Lvl. 6Zap Lvl. 6Zap Lvl. 5

For example:

  • If you want to take down the AD level 8, you will need either 2 Zaps level 6 + EQ level 1 or 2 zap level 5 + EQ level 4.
  • If you want to take down the AD level 5, you will need either 2 Zaps level 5 + EQ level 1 or 2 zap level 4 + EQ level 4.

ZapQuake Composition for TH9

There are 3 Zapquake Styles

4xlightning spell + 2xearthquake spell

4xlightning spell + 1xearthquake spell

2xlightning spell + 1xearthquake spell + 1xjump spell

There are 3 troop compositions

lavaballoon      or     lavadragon     or      dragon

How to scout

In order to choose the best Spell and Troop composition, at first we need to scout the enemy base.

4 Zaps 1 Quake?

Measure the distance between the 2 Air Defenses. If it is less than 6 tiles (or 8 tiles from each one’s center), you can easily take them down by dropping 2 Lightning Spelsl on each AD and drop the Earthquake Spell right at the center. You will want to zoom in so you can drop those spells properly. Here is an example for you!

zapquake sample

4 Zaps 2 Quakes?

You can use 2 ZapQuake if the distance between 2 Air Defenses is more than 6 tiles (or 8 tiles from each one’s center).

2 ZapQuakes or 1 ZapQuake + 1 Jump?

If you can get more than 1 Air Defense with the Jump Spell and your Kill Squad, just use the Jump Spell right away!

For example, I will use the Jump If I can get either of these with my Kill Squad:

  • 2 or even 3 Air Defenses.
  • 1 Air Defense + 1 Air Sweeper.
  • 1 Air Defense + the enemy Archer Queen.


  • If you just can get the Queen with your Jump Spell, you should bring Jump into the raid, unless you are using Dragons of course.
  • If you can get 3 ADs with your Kill Squad and ZapQuakes, you can use LavaDragon
  • If you can get all 4 ADs with ZapQuakes and Kill Squad, just use Dragons.
  • I recommend using 3 Lava Hounds If there are still 1-2 Air Defenses left. Using 2 Lava Hounds for just 1 AD is pretty risky since there are still lots of traps.

Which Air Defense should I zap?

  1. The hardest ones you can get.
  2. The ones your Kill Squad can’t get.
  3. The ones which are protected by the Air Sweepers.

Some more tips:

  • If the enemy base has exposed Air Defense (located in the outer compartment), you can easily snipe them with Queen Walk (Queen + 3-4 Healers).
  • If you use Dragons and the enemy Queen and/or 1 Air Defense is left, use 1 Lava Hound to distract them.
  • You should also care about the Wizard Towers and use Balloons to distract them If you can. Otherwise, they will be able to hit a bunch of Balloons.

How to attack with ZapQuake strategy

I think you can easily understand this strategy after reading all the factors above, right? Let’s take a look at gadi’s video for some decent examples:

Hopefully you like this strategy! Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any suggestion or question. I will try my best to help you!

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