Hi, all Clashers,

These days, there are a lot of visitors come here every day and ask me how to submit their own guides. So I’ve just decided to create this page for you guys who want to be the contributor of CocLand with your Clash of Clans guides, tips, tricks, base designs,…

As a contributor of this blog, you can have some special benefits like free Gems every week/month, introduce your Clan with other players,…

If you want to be a part of this blog, just kindly send me an email to [email protected] with this information:

  • Email title: Contributor Clash of Clans Land
  • Your Name: Your real name, just for chatting easier :D.
  • Your Skype ID or Facebook ID (If Any)
  • Your experience in this: How long have you been playing this game?
  • You can submit anything regarding Clash Clans: Guides, Decks, Tips etc.
  • Make sure that this is your own guide and you didn’t copy it from anywhere else.
  • Please use the Search button to make sure your guide/topic wasn’t posted on CRA before, or make sure it is unique.
  • If you want to attach screenshots into the guide, please upload them to Imgur and paste the links of the images into the guide.
  • At least 750-word guide is strongly recommended. Too short guide is not going to be posted.
  • For every 5 good Clash Royale guides, you will receive a $20 Gift card from Clash Royale Arena. Just remember to mention your name and email in those guides.
  • Write an example guide (using Microsoft Words or Word Pad,…) and attach it with the mail.

After receiving your mail, I will reply as soon as possible.


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