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A new way to see Hidden Traps

This post gives you a small trick to see all hidden traps in game with ease. This trick has been working fine in both normal raid and Clan Wars since last year! This is not a cheat and I am sure that everyone knows about this but we all always don’t think about it while scouting the enemy base… The girls in game will show you how to easily find those hidden traps!

If you take a look around your base, you can see there are a lot of small girls there. Those girls always walk around the base and stop next to certain structures, move their hands as they are wiping those buildings. They do the same action with hidden traps and Hidden Teslas!

Seems like the girl below is touching something in the free 2×2 space. I think it is either a Giant Bomb or a small Bomb because the enemy never places a Hidden Tesla there! She wants you to win the attack!

Girl is showing hidden traps

At another side, couples of truthful girls are trying to tell you something:


Seems like we have found another Giant Bomb and something else here. Let’s start the battle and see If it is right or not:

Clash-of-Clans-hidden.traps-spotsSo we were right. Very easy, right? There are couples of Bombs, Spring Trap and even a Giant Bomb there!

Just send couples of Barbarians or Archers there and they will help you remove those hidden traps! There will be no more mistake while doing Clan Wars!