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Best Clan Castle Troops for dealing with Poison Spell

Due to the new update, when Poison Spell doesn’t affect idle clan troops anymore, I am here to show you the new best Clan Castle Troop combinations, which can easily survive the Poison Spell and ruins your opponent’s attacks.

Best Clan Castle Troops for dealing with Poison Spells

Which troops can survive a Poison Spell?

The table below shows you how much damage a Poison Spell at each level can deal to the enemy troops:

Poison Spell Level Total Damage
1 270
2 360
3 450
4 540
Troops that can't survive a level 1 Poison Spell

Barbarian Archer goblin wizard Wall Breaker minion All levels

balloon 1-3 | witch 1-2 | hog 1

Troops that can survive a level 1 but not a level 2 Poison Spell

hog 2-3 | giant 1-2 | balloon 4

Troops that can survive a level 2 but not a level 3 Poison Spell

hog 4 | giant 3 | balloon 5

Troops that can survive a level 3 but not a level 4 Poison Spell

hog 5 | giant 4 | healer 1

Troops that can survive a level 4 Poison Spell

giant 5-7 | balloon 6 | healer 2-4 | dragon pekka val golem lava

Best Clan Troops to survive in the Poison Spell Era

Tips: You can predict what attack strategies the enemy Clan will use in Clan War by scouting their profiles (of course players normally use their best troops) so we can decide which troops we should donate to our Clan Castles. For example, If your Clan War is  10 Vs. 10 and the enemy Clan has 10 Town Hall 9 villages with good GoWiPe troops and level 5 Hog Riders, we should use troops to target ground attack strategies.

As the Dark Spell Factory can only be unlocked from Town Hall 8, I will just talk about TH8 and above in this guide.

Clan troops for Town Hall 8 with 25 housing spaces

As we all know, Mass Dragon, Dragloon and other variations are still dominating at early Town Hall 8 and most TH8 players use them in Clan Wars. The best troops to use in our Clan Castle should be 1 Dragon + anything.

From mid Town Hall 8, because of high level Air Defenses and decent Anti-Dragon war bases, Dragon variations are not able to achieve 3-star wins anymore. This is the time for variants of Golem based attacks and Mass Valkyries. Here are some good Clan troop combos for mid-late Town Hall 8!

witch val balloon

Although the attack can kill your Witch and her Skeletons easily by using the Poison Spell but If he lures these Clan troops to the corner, he will have a hard time because of the difference in moving speed of these troops. It will be pretty hard for inexperienced attackers to group this combination and use the Poison Spell. He will need to spend a lot of time as well as troops to deal with these troops.

dragon wizard Archer

You should only use this defensive Clan troop composition at early Town Hall 8 as most players use Dragons for Clan Wars.

balloon giant val hog minion

In this Clan troop composition, only Minion will be killed by the Poison Spell. Because of the movement speed, Valkyrie and Hog will go to the corner at first and the attackers will need to spend a decent number of troops to deal with them. Giant is faster than Balloon, he can soaks a decent amount of damage so Balloon will have enough time to drop 1-2 bombs. This composition works pretty well against ground attacks but it obviously does nothing against air attacks. You mustn’t use it for dealing with early TH8 bases.

For example: If the attacker uses 38 Hog Riders, 4 Wizards and 21 Archers to attack your base, he needs to spend all those Archers, Wizards and up to 1 minute to deal with this composition. After couples of Wars, I can see that some players even lost their Kings because of this squad and most players don’t have enough time to attack the whole base in time.
If the attacker uses GoWiPe and don’t lure these troops out, a Golem will always lose more than 90% HP.

healer 2xwizard 3xBarbarian/Archer

I am sure that most players don’t care about Healer’s HP and think she can be taken down by a Poison Spell. In fact, as I have mentioned above, a Poison spell can’t kill her and she even heals much faster can a level 4 Poison Spell’s hit. Other troops can definitely survive.
Once the Wizards and Barbarians/Archers die, the Healer will move and start healing your Barbarian King, it will be a bit harder to kill your King.

Note: Air units can’t lure the Healer out. You shouldn’t use this composition at early Town Hall 8.

Clan troops for Town Hall 9 with 30 housing spaces

Most attacking strategies at Town Hall 9 evolving around Hog Riders, Valkyries and Lava Hounds.

1 dragon 2xhog

This composition is pretty useful in order to prevent the attackers from killing our Archer Queen and does serious damage.

1 dragon 2xballoon

Dragon will act as a tanker while Balloons dropping bombs. This squad is not good at all against air attacks but it works perfectly against Golem based ground attacks. The enemy Golem will lose a decent amount of HP.

Clan troops for Town Hall 10 and above

Please take a look at here for more details!


  • Never use just only tier 1 troops in your Clan Castle. The attackers can kill take easily with just a level 1 Poison Spell.
  • Never use pekka as a defensive troop because she just can hit 1 target at a time and her attack speed is really bad.
  • Never use lava as a defensive troop. It means nothing. The attackers can lure it out, kills it and drop the Poison Spell on Lava Pups as well as it can’t do much damage to enemy troops.
  • Have centralized Clan Castle, you can take a look at the Base Designs box and refer outstanding base layouts there. The attackers will face it hard and waste time to lure the Clan troops out and waste a lot of time.

Above are just some Clan troop squads for dealing with the new Poison Spell in Clash of Clans. I am going to update more in the future. If you have a great composition, don’t hesitate to comment!