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Clash of Clans Offensive Tips for Beginners


This thread is a cluster of all offensive tips in Clash of Clans for new players. I have been collecting all important tips and trying to minimize them as much as possible. By remembering these tips, you will find attacking in game much easier.

If you have any new ideas, don’t hesitate, comment and help me improve this thread!

Clash of Clans Tips Book

Clash of Clans Offensive Tips for Beginners

  1. While raiding, you can’t always steal all resources from the enemies. The amount of loot you can steal depends on two villages level in the battle and the percentage of available loot of each building is totally different. For more information, please read the How much loot you can steal? guide.
  2. Check the enemy Clan troops at starting, they always can ruin your raid. The enemy troops won’t all come out if your scout troop die too fast, make sure your troops can stay in the Clan Castle ring at least 4-5 seconds If they want to lure them all.
  3. You can end a normal match whenever you want without losing trophies as long as you haven’t dropped anything in the battle yet. Instead of “Surrender” button, you will see a “End Battle” button.
  4. When you search for new matches, the first 3 bases always have > 30 trophies.
  5. The more Next button you hit, the weaker base you will find.
  6. You can always know if a village is idle or not by observing its collectors and mines. You can read more at Farming Collectors Guide.
  7. As long as you can destroy the enemy Town hall, you can get 1 star. You will get another star once you have destroyed 50% of the enemy base and the last star after finishing all enemy buildings. Full amount of trophies = 3 stars.
  8. If you see an empty spot, never underestimate it. Maybe will be traps there.
  9. Using Goblins for testing traps and Hidden Teslas is a great idea because they are very fast and also cheap.
  10. While you are doing raid, your Barracks still produce new troops. By advantaging this, always put new troops in queue before searching a new match and you will have a certain number of available troops after finishing every attack.
  11. You will get more loot if you attack higher Town Hall level villages but they can get 3 stars from your base anytime by doing Revenge.
  12. Don’t drop Healing Spell or Rage Spell right on a squad of troops. Drop them 3-4 tiles in front of the squad so your troops will stay inside the ring longer. You can read more details at: How to be a Rage Spell Master.
  13. You can use some Lightning Spells to take down certain defensive structures and enemy clan troops. Each Lighting Spell has its own pattern, you can read the How Lightning Spell Works to see them all. Normally, players use Lightning Spells to take down an Air Defense in Mass Dragon Attack.
  14. You can see the direction of X-Bow and its remaining bullet by. Read more at X-Bows Guide.
  15. You can see if the Inferno Tower is working or not and its status (Single or Multi) by observing the flame of it. You can see more at Inferno Towers Guide.

Clash of Clans is always hard If you can’t understand it. But with these tips, it isn’t hard anymore. Ask us everything and we will help you solve it!

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