Crazy Loot with New Multi Player Matchmaking

As most of you know, the way you get matched with opponents in raiding has changed because of the new update . In the old system you would get matched with ANY base with similar trophies as you. Now you will get prioritized against bases your own town hall levels.

crazy loot new Clash of Clans update
This is bad news for Town Hall 7s and Town Hall 8s that Town Hall snipe in Masters League, because they are now getting matched with other town hall 8s and 9s in crystal league, which are only 1-5 trophy offers. There have been many complaints on the forums from these players.
But this is GOOD news for farmers!!! Now ANY Town Hall level can drop down to Silver League and find AWESOME loot! How is this possible? I (Clash Without Gemming) am a Town Hall 9, and if i were to farm in silver league using the old system, I would run into many town hall 4s and 5s and be wasting gold on skips. With this NEW matchmaking system I only find town halls 8-10 with the very rare town hall 7. I am able to find the inactive and rushed town hall 8-9 farming bases that have been hidden by lower town halls in the past.
Watching this video will give you a good grasp of what its like to farm in silver league:

End of story is, drop them trophies! Town hall 10s don’t have to farm up high anymore! Your attack log will start to look like this:

attack long with crazy loot

Enjoy your loot, say thanks to CWG and waiting for our next Clash of Clans Guide!

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