How to place Double Giant Bomb properly

Undoubtedly, Giants Bombs are one of the most effective traps in Clash of Clans but do you know how to place them correctly? From Town Hall 7, Giants Bombs are much used for dealing with Hog Riders as the combo Double Giant Bomb (DGB). Perfect DGB placements are always the key to win the battle against any Hog Riders based attack.

Thanks MistyDawneMistyDawne for sharing these great ideas.

How to use Double Giant Bomb correctly

Dealing with Hog Riders

The only way a set of DGB is guaranteed to destroy the Hog Riders that run through them is if and only if both Giant Bombs trigger on the same pack of Hogs at the same time.

A correct setup of DGB with regards to nearby buildings and the location of the DGB:


  • Hogs will only hop through the blue area and be forced into the set of DGB.
  • There are no other defenses placed directly next to the DGB.
  • The DGB are well placed so that both are sandwiched between defensive buildings and both of Bombs are attached to both defenses.

Flawed ways of setting Double Giant Bomb

This is the first notice: DGB will not be triggered simultaneously if Hog Riders are sent in the direction of the black arrow. The set can be easily dismantled by a single hog.


The #2 notice: Defense set up near DGB can cause Hogs to split and Giant Bombs will not be triggered simultaneously. We have 2 decent samples below:



As you can see in the screenshot above, Hog Riders will follow either the blue path or the while path through the defenses. 2 Giant Bombs can’t not be triggered simultaneously.

Here is another example:


The enemy Hog Riders will follow the red paths in both the setups:

  • On the left, hogs coming in from an angle will only set off one bomb, allowing damage to be healed. Bombs will not trigger if hogs approach the mortar from the north.
  • On the right, DGB are NOT placed so that both are between the same 2 defense buildings. Giant Bombs may not be triggered simultaneously.

Another tips for you:

  • DGB should be placed between two and only 2 defenses. There should be a buffer separating other defenses from the bomb.
  • Avoid placing DGB around outside the base. This doesn’t make sense at all because your bombs can be always triggered while the enemy Archers/Wizards are sniping collectors. Burning some small troops are not worth it at all.
  • If you don’t face Hogs based attacks much outside Clan Wars. Placing Giant Bombs nearby Storages are a good idea.

Do you have any other tips about Giant Bombs want to share with Clashers here?

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