Loot Bonus Farming Strategy

As we all know, the new matchmaking system in Clash of Clans has changed: No matter what TH level you are, you just (usually) can search villages which have the same TH level as you. This algorithm is for all Leagues except Champion League and above (3200+ trophies).

That’s why this farming strategy works fine with all Town Hall level!

Loot Bonus Farming Strategy

Because it is quite easy to understand so I just write it with these simple steps.

New Champion League Farming Strategy

  1. Hit the 3200+ trophies threshold to reach the Champion League Champion League III.
  2. Once you get there, quit game for a while to be raided and you will be dropped to below 3200 trophies threshold (or just drop a few trophies yourself by surrendering). Don’t worry then, you are still in Champion unless your trophy is below 3100.
  3. Below the 3200 trophies threshold, you can easily find bases with Town Hall outside.
  4. Once you have more than 3200 trophies, drop your trophies again.
  5. Repeat 99999999 times.
  6. Maxed loot!

Some more things you should know:

  • No matter how much your loot can be stolen, you can earn much more by following this method. Normally it just take me about 3-5 minutes to find a base to snipe.
  • I usually just get 1-3 trophies per sniping so I just need to drop my trophy 1-2 time everyday.
  • You can surrender to drop your trophies but I think we should give other players free loot and get a free shield.
  • Farming by using this method while waiting for the main strong army is awesome!


We will have another detailed guide about pushing trophies to Champion soon. I have been using this farming method with my Town Hall 10 account for about 6 months. Thank Reav3R for sharing this golden idea!

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