Megamansion and TH7 Troops

As requested, today I am going to show you the way to finish the Megamansion campaign in Clash of Clans easily with just Town Hall 7 troops. After a few months, I have found the best composition for this campaign.

Firstly, here is the whole map of this campaign with hidden traps so you can imagine how to pass it easily:

Megamansion and TH7 Troops

To pass the Megamansion campaign, you need to bring these things:

  • Troops: 1 Dragon, 27 Giants, 37 Archers, 4 Wall Breakers.
  • Clan troop: 1 Dragon.
  • Spell: 1 Healing Spell.

How to win the Megamansion Campaign step-by-step

Megamansion and TH7 Troops

I have added the number into the screenshot abovefor you to follow the guide easier. (number 1 = step 1,…)

  1. Drop 10 Giants to destroy the Archer Tower.
  2. Drop 2 Wall Breakers next to the tree.
  3. Drop the rest of your Giants close to the tree, they will go inside.
  4. Drop your Healing Spell when your Giants’ health bar turn to red.
  5. After the two Air Defenses are down, drop your Dragons. One dragon for each Wizard Tower.
  6. Drop your Archers when the Archer Tower starts hitting the Dragon. (11-12 Archers are enough).
  7. Drop your Wall Breakers there.
  8. Drop the rest of your Archers when the last Archer Tower starts hitting your Dragons.
  9. 3 stars.

You can also watch this video for more details:

After finishing this campaign, you can keep going to destroy the P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse and the Sherbet Towers campaigns with just Town Hall 7 troops too. Enjoy!

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