Rushing Town Hall Guide

In Clash of Clans, questions about rushing Town Hall always have a lot of attentions from players. This detailed guide about rushing Town Hall has all important information, popular questions and walk-throughs that you should know!

Rushing Town Hall in Clash of Clans

What are the pros and cons of rushing Town Hall?


  • You can farm the maximum amount of loot with the shortest playing time.
  • You can 3 stars other players who spend longer time than you for developing their villages. This is such a great advantage in Clan Wars due to the weight of rushed bases.
  • Donate high level troops for your Clan mates.
  • Better resource management with cheap upgrades alongside expensive upgrades, especially in this new Clash of Clans Era, we shouldn’t save up more than 1 resource at a time.


  • Fixing rushed base is really boring If you don’t know how to do it right.
  • The starting time of the new TH level will be so hard.

Things you need to know about Rushing Town Hall

You can’t protect your loot

That’s right. You just can’t. But as a normal player, that amount of loot can’t affect your progress because it is much smaller than the number you get farm after a few raids. If you can’t save loot for a big upgrade, you should scroll down to the walk-through section. Always break the shield when you have time for farming couples of raids.

You should stay at Gold Leagueand Silver League, where you always can find inactive bases and attack a few times before getting a shield. Also, don’t save up more than 2 resources at a time. Nobody attacks you If you have 300kGold and 50kElixir.

If your TH9/10 village always get wrecked, go to Master League Master leagues (by using this troll base, normally it takes just about 1 day) and farm by using Barch.

Loot penalty will hurt you

Somehow, If you can’t find dead bases, there is no reason for you to attack the lower TH villages. The higher TH you attack, the more loot you can raid. Don’t mourn some Spells for getting 200k Elixir.

Rushed Town Hall and Clan War

In fact, the Town Hall can’t affect the Clan War matchmaking and your position in the War. It is because of the exclusive defense buildings of each Town Hall level like X-Bow at TH9 or Inferno Tower at TH10. Don’t either build the new defense buildings (even walls) or unlock new troops If you want to join Clan War during this time. In short, If you can 3 stars your own base, you are ready for Clan Wars!

Maybe your base can easily get 3 starred in the Clan Wars. But that’s totally OK because offense wins the War, not defense. In Clan War, attackers always want to get at least 2 stars when raiding the same TH level player. As a rushed Town Hall, you can save 1-2 stars or even more for your Clan because some higher level THs of the opponent Clan will attack you. That is such a big advantage!

Town Hall x.5 is a type of rushing Town Hall, which gives players plenty of of advantages in Clan Wars.

To be a successful farmer

As I said above, the loot which you can lose is just a small number, you can take it back after 1 raid. All you need to be a successful farmer is attacking more than 2 times before you log off without Shield. In fact, you just need to farm about 100k-150k Elixir a day (Collectors will do the rest) to make your Laboratory working till the end.

If your farming troops are not strong enough, you should give the Milking strategy a try.

Is rushing TH risky?

If there is no way to recover your account after rushing, yes, it is risky. Never go to a new Town Hall level If you don’t have maxed level farming troops and Collectors.

Walk-through for rushing Town Hall

There are a lot of opinions about rushing in Clash of Clans but all in all your farming skill must match the progression of your village, this is the key for taking all the advantages of rushing Town Hall.

I recommend you follow this upgrade order at all Town Hall levels

Spell Factory/Laboratory/Clan Castle~> Army Camps ~> Heroes ~> Barracks and Dark Barracks ~> Defenses ~> Collectors.

Follow these suggestions:

  • Always rearm your traps and defenses otherwise you will lose much more loot than the number you use for rearming them.
  • Find a good farming base at Clash of Clans Layouts.
  • Don’t break shield If you can’t farm more than 2 times continuously.

Town Hall 1 ~> 6

This is the easiest part of the game. Just keep upgrading your Town Hall and Storages nonstop. Upgrade other buildings whenever you want. Before Town Hall 7, farming with just only Barbarians and Goblin is the most effective and efficient strategy. Don’t forget to upgrade Archers, Barbarians, Giants and Wall Breakers nonstop for farming when you at Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 7

Once you hit Town Hall 7, you can build the final Barrack. With 4 Barracks, Barch is the best farming strategy for TH7. Now, you need to stop rushing a bit and complete the Laboratory upgrades. You should max out all Spells, farming troops and especially the Dragon if you want to join the Clan Wars. You don’t need to care about Dark Elixir for upgrading the Barbarian King, you can easily do that later. Keep upgrading your Barracks whenever you have loot.

If you want to start an alt account, I recommend rushing to Town Hall 7.

Town Hall 8 ~> 9  ~> 10 ~> 11

As most Clash of Clans elite players suggest, you should stop rushing a bit when you hit Town Hall 8 because since TH8 the game is much harder. You should read 3 main guides for these highest TH levels in Clash of Clans for more suggestions, tips and tricks:

This Rushing Town Hall guide is inspired by the guide from Morgauth (thank you so much). All credits go to him. If you have any question about rushing, don’t hesitate to comment. All Clashers here will do the best to help you!

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