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Best ways to spend Gems on

As you progress throughout the amazing game called Clash of Clans, you are tempted more and more to spend your gems. Many people go through the game without buying any gems, and are very proud of this. However, those who do spend money on this game should not be ashamed, especially if they are using those gems right. Here are ways to spend your gems right, and when you know you’ve bought too many. Thanks moscowdude9095 for sharing this!



Builders are used to build and upgrade structures, which means the more builders you have, the more structures you can upgrade/build at a time. These huts are crucial to any player, whether TH3 or TH10, depending on how much they clash. Having a low amount of builder huts can be a huge pain in the ass, because if you are an obsessed player like myself, you will have all your builders upgrading at once, leaving you with filled storages to be looted by lucky players. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of getting looted of 400k elixir and gold every time I log off, and having more builders is the solution. Here is my recommendation for how many builder huts you should have at each TH, which can be received from money or in game achievements.

  • TH6– 3 builder huts, which can be achieved by getting up to the 1250 trophy range
  • TH8 – 4 Builder huts, which can be achieved by going to masters
  • TH9/10– 5 Builder huts, which can be achieved by going to champs

But remember, having more builders is always better, so if you have some extra itunes/google play cards lying around, consider getting another builder If needed


One of the most broken ways of spending gems is by using them on loot. It costs 500 Gems for just 80k elixir, about 5 gems for 1k elixir. It is easier to just wait 5 minutes and collect that elixir from your collectors. But do not fear, there is a safer, cheaper, and more productive way to use gems to get loot. Boosting! Boosting your barracks for 2 hours allow you to get potentially millions of elixir and gold, and it’s a ton of fun while doing it! For simply 40 gems, you can boost your barracks for 2 hours, and optional boosts of heroes for another 20 gems! WARNING: BOOSTING TOO MUCH MAY RESULT IN TOO MANY UPGRADES FOR 5 BUILDERS TO HANDLE, AND MAY RESULT IN A LOOTSPLOSION.


When you have 5 builders busy, you have been boosting for 2-4 hours, and your storages are full and about to explode because you did not heed my warning, then it might be smart to gem some time. According to calculations done by a pretty smart redditor, the first day costs 266 gems, and every day after costs only 123 gems. This may be a lot of gems, but it may be worth it when you have other clashers waiting to steal you 400k gold and elixir. Unless you are a Th10 with two week upgrades like me, most of your upgrade times will be around 3-7 days, which will cost around 500-1000 gems. Because you most likely upgrade your buildings on different days, your least building time should be about 500 gems(3 days), and these 500 may be worth it, especially when you can use your loot on another upgrade, and the rest on walls. By dumping the extra loot on walls, you will slowly begin to see a rise in max walls, something you will thank yourself for later when you have to grind the rest of them out.

Hero Upgrades

Hero upgrades are one of the broken mechanics of this game, because by upgrading your heroes, you are not able to use them for up to a week, which can get pretty annoying when you have to upgrade each one 40 times. If you wish to be a better war clasher, then it may be smart to gem your hero wait times whenever needed to make sure you have both available for your attacks.

When not to use or buy gems

  • Do not finish an upgrade early unless all five builder huts are used, and remember to really ask yourself it is worth it.
  • Never spend gems on resources, it is a waste of gems, and takes away the fun of the game.
  • Do not buy gems with money you don’t have. Although it is easy to forget, this is simply a mobile game, not something you should be ruining your life with. Just because gems grow on trees, doesn’t mean money does too. This especially applies to you youngsters out there, do not buy gems without you parent’s permission.
  • Shields. are. almost. always. pointless. Not always, but most of the time. If you are away from the game for a couple days, use your loot on walls and empty your storage.