The best way to deal with defensive Dragon at Town Hall 8

Nowadays, with the emergence of Poison Spell, we rarely can see tier 1 and tier 2 troops in the enemy Clan Castles. People start using Dragons, Balloons, Lava Hound,… as the defensive troops for all Town Hall levels.

One of the most popular Clan Castle troop combinations we usually have to encounter at Town Hall 8 is Dragon + Balloon. If you use Dragons, truly you don’t need to care about them. But what about other stategies? If you want to go with either Golems or Hog Riders based attacks, don’t ignore those annoying troops.

What is the best killsquad to deal with defensive Dragon?

I am not saying this is the best one, but I’ve found that It’s extremely easy to do and really effective. I mentioned this combo couples of times before on cocland but I still want to create an individual page for it!

We are going to use our Clan Castles to deal with that Dragon by using this combo:

2xwitch + Barbarian

Because the Witch maximum level is just 2, If your Clan level is either 5 or above, you can easily require 2 maxed Witches from your Clan mates. Otherwise, level 1 Witches are still okay. Obviously 2 Witches and 1 Barbarian are not enough to kill Dragon + Balloon, we will need to bring 3-4 more Barbarian and 2-3 Wizards.

Totally, our Killsquad will be like this:

2xwitch + 5xBarbarian  + 3xwizard

You shouldn’t use this killsquad when:

  • You have neither Golems or Hog Riders in your army.
  • You are going to attack with Dragons.

This killsquad is extremely easy to use:

  1. Lure the Clan troops out. If you don’t have enough space to do that, send 1 Hog/Balloon into the enemy base.
  2. Drop 1 Archer/Barbarian for luring them to the corner where you I decide to start attacking. Don’t lure the enemy troops to the side you don’t want to start the raid or it will be a huge waste of troops.
  3. Once the Dragon starts attacking your Barbarian, quickly deploy 2-3 more Barbarian nearby and place your Clan Castle. The Dragon will be locked on your Barbarians and summoned Skeletons, that’s the best time to place your Wizards around the Dragon and make sure that they will not be hit by the defenses.
    The best way to deal with Dragon at Town Hall 8
  4. Drop the Poison Spell poison spell on the enemy Dragon.
  5. The Dragon will be taken down after a few seconds.


  • Lure the enemy Clan troops to the side where you start attacking.
  • A few seconds before the Dragon get removed, quickly deploy your Golems for taking damage and protecting your Witches/Wizards.
  • If you are going to attack with just Hog Riders, quickly send them before the enemy defenses start hitting your Witches/Wizards. After the enemy defenses get ravaged, your Witches/Wizards can clean up the base with ease.
  • Don’t forget to use the Poison Spell.

There is another way to deal with Dragon without using Witches is continuously sending Barbarians before the Dragon’s face and drop your Wizards right after it as I mentioned in the GoVaLo guide. You can do this If you want to save more spaces for other troops or you don’t have Witch.

What do you think about this tip? Do you have any better one? Let’s discuss about this!

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