The Furies: Crazy Town Hall 8 War Base

The Furies is a crazy base layout for Town Hall 8, that was what I think at the first time I saw this base. All I can saw is a chaotic layout with plenty of dangerous hidden traps. I really didn’t know how to attack it to get 3 stars…

The Furies is a pretty great Anti-Hogs and Anti-Dragons war base. 100% of the attackers will be confused when they start attacking this base because of its unique labyrinth style. All troops that have favorite targets are defense buildings will be separated quickly from other ones and they will be killed without back up easily. There are double bombs near the Wizards Towers to help us take care the Hogriders. With the perfect placements of Spring traps, Giants or Hogs will fly to the sky.


  • High damage-per-second 2nd layer.
  • Anti-Giant.
  • Triangulated Wizard Towers and Air Defenses.
  • Hero in the core.
  • Anti-testing-traps.


  • Clan troops can be lured.
  • Barch can get 1 star this base easily.

The Furies War Base Layout for Town Hall 8

This base layout comes with some various versions with different purposes. At first, this is the main base design without Teslas and Giant Bombs. You can put them whenever you want.


With double bombs, here are some Anti-hogs versions of this base:

And here are some Anti-Golems versions:

And here are some Clan War logs for you so you can see you well this Town Hall 8 war base layout works:

Thanks to Eric87 for giving us this great base!

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