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The Psychological Effect of Walls

I’ve read this the discussion about “How your Walls make the Attackers scared” from thewun11 on Reddit and decided to share it here.


Like him, I have just upgraded all walls of my 2nd account to Skulls and I don’t get attacked as much as before when I had Purple ones.. The Walls have a say in who you attack. The higher level of walls you have, the more potential they can stop the attackers.

I can say this is the psychological effect. When I was at Town Hall 8, Skull Walls were very scary. Although I used Loonion for farming and I didn’t need to care about walls, somehow, I just tapped on the Next button within a second whenever I found a base with Skulls. I always believe that If a Town Hall 8 has all Skull walls, its defensive buildings are probably at maximum level and If a Town Hall 8 village has all Pink walls, It is obviously a rushed base.

What I want to say in this small topic is: “With high level walls, instead of being attacked the whole base, you can have a lot of free shields from TH snipers”.

There are plenty of different opinions about upgrading walls. Actually, you can go to Town Hall 9 with just Pink walls, but If you have time, upgrade your walls!