Tips for Surviving in The New Clash of Clans Era

Everything has been changed a lot since the Town Hall 11 update released. It’s Clash of Clans v2.0 now, not the old game anymore. If you still find it really hard to survive in the new world, MagiicHat’s gonna give you some important tips in this guide.

The New Clash of Clans Era

The new update set all Clashers for chaos within the trophy range by introducing lots of changes at one. The new shield system has exposed loads of bases that never did any real attacks before. Before the update, those bases never got completely destroyed so the weaknesses of them were never exposed. Lots of players (especially in Gold leagues) didn’t really care about their base layouts because they always could get the free shield. If you are one of them, probably you will find this guide useful.

You now just can’t protect all 3 resources. I strongly recommend you pick just 1 resource at a time to gather (or 2 If you are at TH8 and higher). Focus on protecting no more than 2 resources and spend the unneeded resource on upgrading walls and traps.

For example: A TH9 base shows more than 200k Gold/200k Elixir/2k Dark Elixir usually gets attacked by a strong army immediately while a TH9 base with 300k Gold/50k Elixir/2k Dark Elixir don’t usually get attacked by strong armies.

You should place your Town Hall inside the core since it’s a Storage and holds 1/5 of your DE, especially If you are gathering Dark Elixir. It’s totally okay If you have to use your Town Hall as a shield for the core. 20% of the available loot is an acceptable cost of the business when defending. Just remember, layouts that are good at protecting Dark Elixir can’t protect your Gold and Elixir well, and vice-versa. Take a look at the base layouts section and pick 2 best ones that fit your playstyle. Minimizing your resources and using purpose built layouts are the best ways to protect your village.

You can read more about this at 9 Tips for Defending Your Loot Better.


Secondly, attacking.

It’s time to use real farming strategies. The sniping Town Hall era is just over.

  • BAM: Definitely BAM is the most efficient strategy for farming not Dark Elixir but also other resources. By using all 6 Barracks for training troops, your army will be always ready for the next raids.
  • GiBarch: If you have the Archer Queen, don’t want to use DE, go with this strategy. It’s pretty easy to get the Dark Elixir Storage with GiBarch.
  • Barch: If you want to focus on gathering Gold and Elixir, go with Barch. By knowing the best time for farming, you can always find inactive bases in Silver and Gold leagues. Moreover, If you are aiming at win bonus, It’s not hard at all to get 50% with Barch.
  • GoWi variations: If you are farming at Master or higher, give GoWiPe, GoWiWi,… a try. You always can easily get 2 star wins and 3-4k DE along with the sweet loot bonus.
  • For more details, please take a look at here.

Remember, nothing is set in stone, there are a bunch of strategies for farming and it may take you couples of days to find the best one that fit your playstyle and it takes about 50 attacks to be good at any given strategy.

Thirdly, the league.

As the Clash of Clans economy settles down, Crystal and Master leagues may be the new home for Town Hall 9 and 10. You will be always able to get into the core and get the decent win bonus. I predict Supercell will increase the loot bonus in the next update. That will be great.

As we can see, Supercell has implemented blackouts players, who are farming below the league where people will attack their bases. The game usually kicks them out for a “Personal Break” and tells them to move to a higher league. Let’s get in line and make the best of it!

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