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What is a AND Moisture Analyzer and How Does it Work?

Have you ever asked yourself ,why mascara sticks perfectly to your eyelashes or what makes cookies so crunchy.
What makes the difference?
The answer is simple correct moisture content ,if the moisture content of mascara wasn’t right, it would be very hard to put on and it wouldn’t give the desired effect on the eyelashes and we all know how it feels to bite a very dry cookie, but what exactly is moisture content and how is it measured .Let me explain you ,the moisture content is measured by weight loss on drying.
In this procedure, a sample is heated at the given temperature so that the contained moisture evaporates. I know what you are thinking moisture, weight loss, drying, sample, not quite let’s have a closer look a sample is a small part quantity that is intended to represent what the whole is like, take any sample in a given environment and record the weight it has.
This is called the wet weight ,Subsequently start heating the sample by
any measure to a given temperature,wait until the weight is stable again this is referred to as the dry weight moisture content is accordingly anything that evaporates upon heating ,or the wet weight minus, the dry weight ,expressed in mass percentage, of the wet weight.
This relationship can be graphically represented with the so called drying
curve .
Moisture content therefore might not only be water but includes alcohols ,oils, greases, odors like I said anything that evaporates upon heating ,now that we have a common understanding of what
moisture content and weight loss on drying is, let’s see how moisture analyzers can assist you ineasily performing this measurement
A moisture analyzer consists of a heating unit in this case a halogen bulb and a weighing unit .
In this case a high-performance MFR load cell with hanging weighing pen, thanks to the intuitive user interface all moisture analyzers are very
simple to operate to perform a measurement .

Simply select a predefined method and follow the on-screen instructions Weigh in the sample into the turret sample pan and distribute evenly over the entire pan hit the start button.The instrument now records the wet wait now the sample is heated by IR radiation and the loss in weight or the moisture content is continuously recorded.
When mass consistency has been reached ,the instrument automatically stops the measurement and the end result is documented .Either directly on the device or alternatively on a printer or a network file server.
Using a AND weighing moisture analyzer is a fast and easy way to determine the weight loss and drying .
Automatic calculation of the end result, clear user guidance trusted results moisture matters for assuring best product quality at all times.
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