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Archer Queen Guide


The Archer Queen is the queen of all Archers in Clash of Clans. She has lynxeyed eyes like the eagle and she is the only one who can use the X-Bow. Like Barbarian King, you can use her to attack other villages or protect yours.

Archer Queen Guide

Summary about Archer Queen

Favorite TargetAttack TypeMovement SpeedAttack SpeedAttack Range
AnyRanged240.75s5 tiles
  • Archer Queen is stronger than Archer, of course.
  • Archer Queen is unlocked once you hit Town Hall 9. She will be summoned automatically once you build the Archer Queen Altar with 40,000 Dark Elixir.
  • Like Barbarian King, she is immortal. After every battle, she need to sleep to regenerate her HP. You can’t bring her into the battle (except Clan War) and she can’t protect the village If she is sleeping.
  • You can’t use her in Clan War or normal raids If she is being upgraded.
  • Like buildings, you can boost her for 2 hours by using Gems.
  • If your Queen reaches level 5, she will have a special ability called Royal Cloak. By activating this skill, she will become invisible to the enemies for a while, her damage will be increased, her HP will be restored and she will summon up to 12 Archers. That’s why I always recommend you get level 5 Archer Queen as soon as possible.
  • After every 5-levels, the Royal Cloak ability will be upgraded to the next level. Its maximum level is 8.


Archer Queen and Clash of Clans Strategies

Archer Queen has a perfect attack range (5 tiles), damage but she has a quite low HP. Comes with Giants, PEKKAs or Golems, she can have a lot of time to nuke damage. I always strongly recommend you bring her into your battle to increase the power of your squad.

By using the Royal Cloak ability of the Queen, it will be very easy to get 50% of early and mid Town Hall 9 villages.

You can place your Queen and King close together or spread out to protect your village. Their placements depend on the property of your base. You can refer plenty of bases at the Base Designs section. IMO, the Archer Queen is much better to protect your village than Barbarian King because she has better damage and attack range, she can attack from inside the base. Sometimes the attackers even can’t touch her.


Two tables below show you all important things about our Queen. They are very useful for all of us while playing Clash of Clans. Base on them, we will know when we should upgrade the Queen. I will write a detailed guide about this in the near future!

LevelDamage per AttackHPFull HP Regen TimeAbility LevelTraining CostTraining Time
412977136m027,5001d 12h
6135.7580440m132,5002d 12h
8142.583844m140,0003d 12h
10149.2587448m250,0004d 12h
12156.7591152m260,0005d 12h
1416594956m270,0006d 12h
17177.751,0101h 2m385,0007d
18182.251,0321h 4m390,0007d
19186.751,0531h 6m395,0007d
20191.251,0761h 8m4100,0007d
21196.51,0981h 10m4105,0007d
222011,1211h 12m4110,0007d
23206.251,1451h 14m4115,0007d
24211.51,1691h 16m4120,0007d
25216.751,1931h 18m5125,0007d
262221,2181h 20m5130,0007d
272281,2441h 22m5135,0007d
28233.251,2701h 24m5140,0007d
29239.251,2971h 26m5145,0007d
30245.251,3241h 28m6150,0007d
31251.251,3521h 30m6155,0007d
322581,3801h 32m6160,0007d
332641,4091h 34m6165,0007d
34270.751,4391h 36m6170,0007d
35277.51,4691h 38m7175,0007d
36284.251,5001h 40m7180,0007d
37291.751,5321h 42m7185,0007d
38298.51,5641h 44m7190,0007d
393061,5971h 46m7195,0007d
40314.251,6301h 48m8200,0007d

Royal Cloak Ability

Ability LevelBonus DamageBonus HealthAvailable TimeSummoned Arches

Bookmark this Archer Queen guide so you can read it whenever you want :D.

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