Balloons Guide

Balloons in Clash of Clans are the skeletons that enjoy destroying defensive buildings by using hot air balloon more than destroying walls like the others. Balloon the nightmare of all ground defense building like Mortars or Canons.

Balloons in Clash of Clans

Some things you should know about Balloons:

  • Balloon will be unlocked once you have level 6 Barracks.
  • Like Wall Breakers, Balloons use bombs for attacking and do large splash damage.
  • Balloon’s favorite units are defensive buildings.
  • Balloons have quite slow attack speed. They have the slowest movement speed in Clash of Clans.
  • Upon death, Balloons explode and do damage for all nearby buildings.
LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHPTraining CostDamage   upon Death
1251001502,000 Elixir25
2321281802,500 Elixir32
3481922163,000 Elixir48
4722882803,500 Elixir72
51084323904,000 Elixir108
61626485454,500 Elixir162

Note: The damage Balloon does upon death is equal to its Damage per Second in the table above.

Attack Tips for using Balloons in Clash of Clans

  • Here are some attack tips for you while using Balloons with other troops. Because of their strength and price, Balloons are used in plenty of attack strategies such as Lavaloonion, LaBaGo, HoLoWiWi,… You can see all details for these attack strategies by clicking on their name!
  • Lavaloonion is a great attack strategy for raiding Town Hall. You can see that all top players only use this strategy to get trophies.
  • Always try to lure the Clan troops at first. Archers, Wizards or Minions will slow down or even stop your Balloons!
  • You can use Balloons for killing the Clan troops because they can do splash damage and also deal damage upon death. Use you Barbarians and Archers to group them all together then release 1-2 Balloons to wipe them out! Easy!
  • They are extremely powerful in Clash of Clans Single Player Campaigns. Almost campaigns can be finished easily with Balloons.
  • They are nothing if they don’t stick together. Normally, five Balloons stack is perfect for destroying a Archer Tower and it will be nine if you want to destroy an Air Defense. You can drop 1-2 Balloons at first to work as a shield. When defensive buildings are attacking them, deploy couples of others Balloons.
  • Come with them, all other fly units (except Healer) can create a lot of great army compositions!
  • Strongly recommend to use Balloons with Haste Spell because they have bad attack and movement speed but their damage is perfect.With Town Hall 6 and lower, Balloons are really overpowered.
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Balloons Defensive Strategies

  • There are always 1-2 Balloons in your Clan Castle are perfect for defensing because there are a lot of players who just bring ground units such as Barbarians, Goblins,… for farming. They also cannot be killed by Lightning Spells and Poison Spell. You can see more about this at Best Troops for Clan Castle in War.
  • Never use only ground clan troops for defensing because maybe you will face air attacks.
  • Use double Air Bomb combo because low level Balloons can be easily destroyed by them.

Here is a example for attacking with Balloons in Clash of Clans:

I hope this small guide about Balloons can helps you play Clash of Clans easier!

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