Can’t load Clash of Clans on iOS

You can’t load Clash of Clans on your iOS device? The game crashes every time you open it? In this tutorial, I am going to give you all solutions to fix this terrible problem.

Barbarians angry because can't load Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is always tested carefully before being released the official version, but sometimes the game crashes because of the user’s device. There are plenty of reasons due to the problem when you load game and a dozen of ways to fix it. They are all shown in the list below, let’s take a look and you can fix this trouble easily.

  1. Check your date and time. Are they correct? Sometimes, depends on your connection, you can’t connect to Clash of Clans if your date and time are wrong.
  2. Change your connection: Try to use mobile data (3G/4G) or another Wifi connection.
    Make sure that your connection is not blocking the 9339 port, you can test it via this website: If you can’t connect to it, you should re-config your router and open the 9339 port.
  3. Reset all your network settings by going to Settings ~> General ~> Reset ~> Reset Network Settings.
  4. Is your iOS device full? Go to Settings ~> General ~> Usage and make sure you have at least 100MB free space to run Clash of Clans smoothly.
  5. Restart you iOS device by hold the Power button couples of seconds, when the Power Off menu shows up, swipe it to turn off your device then hold the Power button to start your phone again. Go to step 2 If you still can’t run Clash of Clans.
  6. Change your DNS in Settings ~> Wifi to (Google DNS).
  7. You can try to read the log file of still can’t connect to game by going to Settings ~> General ~> About ~> Diagnostics & Usage ~>Diagnostics & Usage Data and read all lines which start with ClashofClans.
  8. If you still can’t connect to game after trying all those 7 steps, you should factory reset your device. But remember: Always backup your Clash of Clans account.

From now, you can play Clash of Clans as normal :D. If you have any questions, kindly do a comment and I will try my best to help you!

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