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How to fix: Already Linked Problem

I have received couples of emails from you guys, who are facing this problem: Already Linked! The current village has already been linked. The linking can be done only once.


In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to transfer Clash of Clans account from iOS to Android and vice versa. If you follow all those steps then face this problem, it means that:

  • You have already linked your village to other device. You cannot do it again.
  • You have 2 accounts for play Clash of Clans: One for iOS and one for Android. If you want to play game on new device, just Sign In with your linked Game Center or Google Play account.

If you cannot remember the ID of your account, you can contact the support of Supercell via the Help menu in game or [email protected], give them your current Google ID (If you are using Android) or Game Center (If you are using iOS) name and they will help you to find the other one.