How to fix Can’t connect Clash of Clans to Facebook Problem

Can’t connect Clash of Clans with Facebook is one of the most common problems in this game. Seems like a lot of Clashers have been searching for the ways to fix this problem.


There are plenty of reasons for why you can’t do that and there are a lot of ways to fix this problem either.
In this page, I am going to show you all the solutions that I have known. Just skip to the next one If a solution doesn’t work for you.

Note: Ensure that you have connected your Clash of Clans account with Google ID/Apple ID and your Date/Time is correct.

For iOS Users:

  1. Open Facebook app ~> Tap on the icon which is three–horizontal-lines ~> Scroll down ~> Log Out ~> Confirm.
  2. Open Safari ~> Go to ~> Log your account out.
  3. Open Settings menu on your device ~> Facebook line ~> Tap on your account name ~> Delete Account (This will not delete your real Facebook account, it just removes yours from the device) ~> Choose Remove Facebook Info option ~> Log In back with your Facebook account.
  4. Open Clash of Clans, go to Settings menu in game ~> Tap on “Sign In with Facebook” ~> Done.

For Android Users:

  1. Open Facebook app ~> Tap on the three–horizontal-lines icon ~> Scroll down ~> Log Out ~> Confirm.
  2. Open device Settings menu ~> Accounts ~> Facebook ~> Remove account ~> Confirm.
  3. Open Settings ~> Application Manager ~> Facebook ~> Clear Data.
  4. The same as the 3rd step, clear data of Clash of Clans. (Remember, backup your Clash of Clans account before doing this step.
  5. Restart your device (Hold the Power button then chose Restart) ~> open device Settings ~> Account ~> Login to Facebook.
  6. Open Clash of Clans ~> Open Settings menu in game ~> Sign In with Facebook ~> Done.

If you still can’t connect your Clash of Clans village to Facebook after following those steps above, please follow this method (thank Akmal Zawawi for sharing this solution):

  • Connect your device with Internet then open Facebook on your device.
  • On your PC, visit this page:
  • Click on the Send to Mobile button like screenshot below:
    Send Clash of Clans to Mobile
  • Facebook will connect your Clash of Clans account with it automatically.

Another pretty effective way can help us solve this is using the Puffin Web Browser:

I have tested with both Android and iOS devices, this method worked fine with them. Thanks Sud-in Shk for sharing this solution!

  1. Close all running applications.
  2. Remove Facebook Application on your device and install Puffin Web Browser. You can easily search for it in Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).
  3. Open Puffin Browser, go to Facebook and Log In to your account.
  4. Open game and try to connect your profile to Facebook again. If any problem shows up, don’t worry, just press Cancel.
  5. Everything should be Okay now.

If you still can’t connect your account with Facebook after following these steps, please try to change another Internet connection then try again!

If these solutions still can’t help you, please give me your phone name and also your OS version, I will try to help you connect your account to Facebook.

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