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How to reset Clash of Clans

These days, many players want to restart their Clash of Clans accounts but don’t know how. So I’ve decided to create this post and show you how to do that. It’s very simple. Just follow these steps below!


Reset Clash of Clans Account Tutorial

Note: From the new update, these method don’t work anymore.

There are two ways to reset your Clash of Clans account. This tutorial is made for people, who are using iDevice. You can do these step below similarly on your Android device.

With Android users, Just delete the app then download the new one. When it asks you to load your old village, just choose Cancel.

Method 1:

  1. Go to Settings ~> General ~> Factory Reset to reset your device to default settings.
  2. Once it’s completed, setup your device as usual.
  3. Create new Game Center account.
  4. Download Clash of Clans.
  5. When it asks you to load your old village, just click Cancel.
Reset Clash of Clans

Just click Cancel to create the new village.

Method 2:

By using this method, you need to have two iDevies, and one of them hasn’t played this game ever.

  1. On the device which hasn’t run Clash of Clans before, create new Game Center account.
  2. Download Clash of Clans and finish the Tutorial.
  3. On the device which has your old Clash of Clans village, sign out your account in Game Center.
  4. Use the new account which you’ve just created to sign back.
  5. Open CoC, there will be a warning popup, just click OK and type CONFIRM for affirmation.

Remember: This agent will delete your old village forever. Please weigh before doing something wrong.