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How to Backup and Restore Clash of Clans

If your device is broken, lost, reset, you will lose your Clash of Clans account data. Do you know that you can backup and restore your Clash of Clans village easily to other new smartphone or tablet?
To use this feature of game, you need to link your account with your Google Account (on Android) or your Apple ID account (for Game Center on iOS).


  • One Google Account just can be used for one village.
  • You can’t save your village with Facebook, it just brings your Friend into this game.

Backup and Restore Clash of Clans with Google+


To link your profile with Google+, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Clash of Clans.
  2. Open Settings Option.
  3. Click to the Disconnected button next to Google+ Sign In:
  4. Then click to Sign In button to complete:
  5. You’ve done.


To restore your village in a new device, just download this game, go to the Settings in game and sign in to your Google+ account. The server will sync your data automatically!

For iOS:

With players who are using iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod), you need to use Game Center to do this. You can see more at How to Backup and Restore Clash of Clans on iOS tutorial.