Buzzkill – DE + Gold Protection Layout for TH9

Buzzkill is a new awesome Town Hall 9 base layout from UltraDragonMaster with unique design style. The main purpose is protecting Dark Elixir and Gold, so the best time for you to try this base layout is from mid Town Hall 9.



Buzzkill Farming Base for Town Hall 9


How Buzzkill works

BasicsSemi-centralized Clan Castle
Spread out X-BowsNot-Anti-Earthquake Spell
Funneling that flows within baseNot good against Super Queen
Nice trap placements
Well protected X-Bow Funnels
  • Not matter where the attackers deploy troops, they will always get funneled into the base via Nik Naks compartments.
  • The core is protected by point defenses: 2 X-Bows, 4 Hidden Teslas, Archer Towers, Giant Bombs and Skeleton Traps.
  • Gold Storages are protected by Wizard Towers in funnels which can separate Giants/Golems from support troops. And of course, those support troops will be quickly removed.
  • 2 Elixir Storages can’t be hit by Archers.
  • All Storages are located in different compartments.
  • Nice Seeking Air Mine placements can deal a decent damage to any air attack.
  • Nice trap placements for dealing with Giants/Hogs.
  • Nice junctions for anti-Wall Beakers.

How does Buzzkill work against top popular army compositions?

Barch/BAM: ????

With nice trap placements, funnels, tesla positions and perfect splash damage coverage, this base works well against Barch and B.A.M armies.

GiBarch: ????

Anti-Giants is one of the best features of this base. By leaving the support behind, there is no chance for the attackers at all.

Giant-Healer: ???

Semi-exposed Air Defenses may get some problems against this composition.

Balloonion/Dragoon/LaLoon/Super Queen ??

Normally this base can’t stop most air attacks, unless either the attackers are not really skillful or the core defenses are maxed out. Truly we don’t face these attacks much If we don’t get higher than Crystal leagues.

Defense Logs

Finally here are some recent defense logs of this base for you:

That will be great If you can share your feedbacks and help us improve this base. Clash on guys~!

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