Dark Elixir Farming Base Layout for TH8

This Dark Elixir farming base layout for late Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans is designed by TomBro3. It is also known with the name Dark Lovin’. As a late Town Hall 8 village, we always want to protect our Dark Elixir as soon as possible to upgrade the last things. At this time, Elixir and Gold have no value for your farming progress. This is the point of this base layout!

By the way, if you are looking for a guide about DE farming, you should read this one: Dark Elixir Farming Tips.

Dark Lovin’ base layout for DE farming

Dark Elixir Farming Base Layout for TH8

How Dark Lovin’ works:

This base gives your Dark Elixir Storage the maximum protection with quad-rated Mortars, triangulated Wizard Towers and Air Defenders,… Gold and Elixir Storages with high HP will the tankers, while they are being hit by attacker’s troops, the inside defensive buildings will do their jobs. These screenshots will give you more information:

As you can see, almost traps are in the core to protect the DE storage. The second layout of this base contains plenty of funneling for luring the troops till they die!

Based on some characteristics, this base layout can protect your DE against almost common attack strategies that a Town Hall 8 village can be faced! With this base, Giants combo from Town Hall 9 players will not be the nightmares with you anymore! Low leveled Queen will also find it hard to reach the core because of the Tesla’s placements. 3 Giant Bomb stack will be a gift for the attackers who use Hog Riders.Finally, here are some defense logs of this base from Crystal III to I and even Master III:

After looking for all these logs, we all have known how well this base works. Apply it to your village right now and have happy DE farming time!

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