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Royal River: Perfect Town Hall 9 Farming Base


Royal River is a perfect farming base for Town Hall 9 that I have found on Supercell community, from 422sebb and Yango. This base design was inspired by the core-less base design from Avernicus.

Royal River has almost features of a perfect farming base design with centralized Clan Castle, perfect Air Defenses and Wizard Towers placements, funneling with Spring Traps, double Giant Bombs placements, centralized heroes, Storages are protected reasonably.

Here are the base layouts:

royal-river-perfect-town-hall-9-farming-base-3 royal-river-perfect-town-hall-9-farming-base-2 royal-river-perfect-town-hall-9-farming-base-1

One of the most amazing features of this base design is the distinct positioning of two x-bows, the very valuable defensive buildings. Normally, If the defense targeting units (like Hogs, Giants,…) can get into your core compartment, the x-bows would be fallen. But with this base you can counter that by setting them on the ground. There is always one working x-bow to protect the rest from the confusing enemy.

Royal River and against different kind of attacks:

  • Barch: This base is well fortified against Barch. X-bows has a really long range, they can clear every single Barbarian and Archer easily.
  • BAM: You don’t need to worry about BAM. With perfect Air Defenses and Air Bombs placements, BAM has no chance to win.
  • Giants + Healers: Depends on the level of your rival’s Heroes and he would use Archers or Wizards. However, you will always can protect at least half of your loot.
  • Mass Dragons Attack: Royal River should be well defended against Dragons due to the good positions of the Air Defenses.
  •  Mass Hogs Attack: We have 2 inward Double Giant Bombs placements. There is no chance for the attacker.

And here are some other re-designed versions of it with traditional style (Xbows in the middle), or you can replace Elixir storages with Mortars if you don’t have much to protect:

There is also a video from Wiggy about this base:

And the last section is for defensive logs. With these screenshots, you can see how well it works:

Like and share this base design if you like it. Many thanks to 422sebb and Yango for doing this great work!

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