TH8 Trophy Base Collection

I have received loads of request for TH8 trophy base layouts lately as most Town Hall 8 players want to easily push to Crystal League or even Master League (mainly for the free Gems). Today, I’m going to show you a really nice base from Cybx. This is definitely one of the best layouts that I have seen since the big update!

th8 trophy base layout

The Best TH8 Trophy Base Layout

Currently I don’t have any decent TH8 account so I just used my friend’s rushed TH8 account to take the screenshot. Also, please notice that the AS (next to the King) is protecting the Air Defense and the Town Hall.
That’s great If someone can help me take some better screenshot of this TH8 Trophy Base with a decent TH8 village.

How does this TH8 Trophy Base work?

  • Push any TH8 from Silver to Crystal League within hours with the bait Dark Elixir Storage. You can swap it with the Elixir Storage next to the Town Hall If you want.
  • Excellent Tesla Traps. Most of the time, attack drop a Giant/Hog or couples of Barbarians and try to lure the Clan troops outs, the Teslas pop up and they usually stop doing anything for about 10-15 seconds then just start the attack without  luring. Yes, with those 3 Teslas, If the attacker wants to take down all of them, the only way is to drop his kill squad or the main army. This is extremely helpful since most Clan troops can be killed by a double Poison Spell. Also, you know the result when attacker starts a Hog Attack without killing Clan troops, right?
  • Dragon Attacks usually start from the right side (behind the Air Sweeper). With 4 Air Bombs, most of them will be stopped immediately.
  • Centralized Town Hall can prevent attacker from getting the second star with ease.
  • T-Junctions can prevent Wall Breakers from getting more than 1 compartment at a time.



  • This is not Clan War and the attacker just have 30 seconds to scout this TH8 trophy base. During my test, most Dragon attacks come from the East and will get roasted immediately by 4 Air Bombs and the Air Defense as I have mentioned above.
  • All Storages are used as the shield for Air Defenses, also, because of the Air Sweeper, most TH8 attackers don’t want to attack from the West.
  • Attacker can’t snipe the Air Sweeper.
  • If the attackers are not smart, their Dragons always get spread out.


The screenshot below represents the Hog Rider, Giant and Balloon pathing of this TH8 trophy base:


  • Most Hog/Giant Attacks end up a lose. They will be funneled around the defensive ring and get killed by either Spring Traps or Double Giant Bomb.
  • Giant-Healer just can’t work because the centralized AD can easily snipe down all Healers.
  • If this base get attacked by Balloons, most of the time there is still 1 Air Defense left, which can snipe down every single Balloon.


  • Barch and GiBarch can easily take down 30% of the base.
  • Archer Towers and Mortars can cover the whole base, thus, attackers always need to spend more than 30% of his army even he just want to focus on collectors.

Defense Logs

Currently I don’t have many really solid defense logs of this base. That’s great If you can help me test this base.
Also, you can use this base for Clan War. It is definitely one of the best I have ever seen so far but I think the Tesla trick can be easily countered by the second attack.

defense log

Hopefully after reading this post, you will like this TH8 Trophy Base. I am looking for your great feedbacks! Also, don’t forget to share with your friends this base If you like it. Thanks for reading! You rock!

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