How to use the Earthquake Spell

In this guide, I’m going to explain the fundamentals of the new Dark Spell, the Earthquake Spell. Most people believe that this spell is utterly useless and this is false. The Earthquake spell is actually a great spell and is very fun to play around with. I’m going to show you the many uses of the Earthquake Spell and just what makes it a special spell.

Earthquake Spell in Clash of Clans

Jump Spell is better than Earthquake?

Usually the biggest support for this argument is that in order to break walls you need to expend 4 Earthquake Spells, whereas you can use 2 Jump Spells with the same number of slots or a Jump Spell combined with Rage.

While true, it does not mean the Earthquake Spell is useless, as they are special in their own right. It is true however that you need 4 of them to break walls, and that’s the key feature of Earthquake spells, their damage on walls and ability to shatter them.

Attacking with Earthquake Spell

How exactly the Earthquake Spell works

The Earthquake Spell does percentage damage. Normal damage to everything, but also 4 times the damage on walls. The Earthquake Spell doesn’t just do 4 times the damage on walls, it combines the damage of a normal damage.

The tables below show you everything about our Earthquake Spell

LevelCostFirst Hit %
1125 Dark Elixir14%
2140 Dark Elixir17%
3160 Dark Elixir21%
4180 Dark Elixir25%
Regardless of the level, 4 Earthquake Spells will take out any level wall. And no less than that will break any walls. Must use exactly 4 of any level Earthquake Spells to remove walls. Four level 1 Earthquake Spells are able remove level 11 walls, same as level 4 walls.

The Earthquake Spell has a 3.5 tile radius, and can knock out 8 tiles of walls. Why 8? Because half a tile is rounded to one, thus 3.5 radius would be rounded to 4 and so the diameter length would be 8. However, this requires very good placement of the Earthquake Spell. Sometimes you will only be able to knock out 7 tiles of walls.
Diagonally, it can knock out 5 diagonally placed walls.

So what else really makes the Earthquake Spell more special than a Jump Spell?

  • It does damage to surrounding buildings, excluding Storages. As I’ve mentioned, four lv 4 Earthquake Spells can deal a total of 40% damage to surrounding buildings. That means if if you place 4 of them next to X-Bows or Inferno Towers, you can severely weaken them, which is excellent.
  • It funnels better, and can access the core easier. It destroys walls, and creates a large opening. So troops are more capable of getting inside. Jump Spell only provides a small opening, and has a higher rate of error as well as troops going off in different directions.
  • The Earthquake Spell does permanent damage. The Jump Spell is only a temporary placement.
  • There’s less drag. It takes time for all your troops to jump over the walls with the Jump Spell. While if you create a large opening, there’s no drag, all your troops will quickly and effortlessly get inside.
  • And of course, it has a larger overall impact. It can demolish 8 straight-lined walls, and create an opening that is 7 to 8 tiles long. While the Jump Spell requires you encapsulate the whole walls, so it’s only effectively for jumping over 2 layers of walls if they are within 5 tiles, not 7.

Attacking with Earthquake Spell

So what are some good attack and spell combinations?

The conventional TH10 GoWiPe with 4x:earthquake: 1x:poison: 2x:rage: and 1x:freeze:


5x:golem: + :wizard: + high level Heroes + 4xearthquake spell 1xpoison spell 2xrage spell and 1xfreeze spell


:val: (yes Valkyries!) with 4xearthquake spell 1xpoison spell 2xrage spell and 1xfreeze spell

What is the Earthquake Spell best utilized for?

  • Specific bases where the 8 tile damage can destroy 3 layers of walls
  • Bases where walls are cleverly placed to avoid the Jump Spell
  • Excellent for Trophy Pushers, as it can net you consistent 2 star raids pretty easily with the easy-to-core path that it creates.
  • Wars, against specific bases like the popular Nemesis base that tries to avoid the Jump Spell’s radius.

Other important tips for Earthquake Spell

  • Earthquake Spell weakens walls, and the Wall Breaker loves to target walls that have already been weakened. So always carry some Wall Breakers as insurance if you miss a certain layer.
  • The biggest reason to upgrade your Earthquake Spell is because of the added damage to surrounding buildings, and that will make an impact in the long run.


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