Bigger Map, Longer Attack Time and War Related Updates

Hi Clasher fellows,

So after a day without sneak peeks, today we have couples of new special ones related to Clan War. I hope you guys will love them.


  1. ¬†We will have a pretty bigger map due to the current Town Hall 10 and the upcoming Town Hall 11. Truly we don’t have enough space to drop your troops properly for having a decent attack at the moment.
  2. We will have 30 more seconds for attacking (3m30s) and 15 more seconds for scouting (45s in total). It will be much easier to get 3 stars at Town Hall 9.
  3. The War Preparation Day reduced to 23 hours. This means your Clan can always War around the same time.
  4. All obstacles that are on the border currently will be moved to the new border. You don’t need to worry about the ring anymore guys!
  5. The maximum loot threshold will be slightly increased due to the new Town Hall Storage.image
  6. The Healer’s range will be reduced a bit.
  7. Updating….

What do you think about the sneak peeks today my friends?

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